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  • Boozy cake!


    It's my friends 30th birthday soon, and she has asked me to make her a really camp My Little Pony themed cake (more excited than is healthy to make it!!)

    I am going to make a 6 inch round cake, covered in fondant with a MLP scene on top, but as it's her 30th I want to make the cake a little bit on the boozy side.

    I have a good reliable mederia cake recipie that I usually use but I wouldn't have any idea of how to incorperate an alcohol flavour. I guess I could put some in a chocolate gnash filling, but I wondered if anyone had any alcohol inspired cake recipies that will be able to with stand decoration?

    Thank you!

    I think it's important to point out we are not alcoholics lol

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    Just a suggestion but you could use your madeira recipe and make up a sugar syrup adding the alcohol at the end to retain the flavour and pour it over the cake (after pricking it) like you would a lemon drizzle cake.