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Can't believe that people take this risk

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    Indri you would prob. know where I mean but can't identify on open forum.
    God helps them that help themselves.


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      I know this is slightly off tack but it reminded me of an incident a couple of years ago in our local supermarket. I saw a girl of about 10 with a can of squirty cream squirt some into her mouth then lick the top. I asked what she was doing and she jumped with fright, threw the can back on the shelf and ran down the aisle to her mother. The mother glared at me as though I was a child molester, and when I told her what the child had done she just looked through me and carried on shopping with the child in tow looking as though butter wouldn't melt in her mouth.
      I gave the can to an assistant and she wasn't much interested either, just said OK thanks and put it behind the desk.

      Needless to say I can't bring myself to buy squirty cream since then!


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        Originally posted by The One at 352 View Post
        I suspect they think that as they are a one or two-man band they will be exempt from prosecution if they poison and kill several hundered people who've eaten their cakes after an event.
        I think that's exactly it, or they just don't bother finding out what needs to be done!!!

        I'm too much of a rule follower to have ever dared break the rules, so when I had my market stall, I had everything more or less including the kitchen sink with me!!! All my cakes were either under cover, or packaged, so no one got to get anywhere near them!!!!
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          I worked in a restaurant for a while so I could certainly tell you some horror stories! I have to not to think about it when I eat out (which I don't do very often!) I do still complain if something is wrong although I try not to, upsetting the chefs is never a good idea


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            Good grief basic hood hygiene is just every day stuff.

            I have my certicate not that it told me any thing new.

            I remember being 21years old and on holiday for the first time with my girlfriends. We took a weekend break to Brighton and where in a resturant all looked fine, food was well presented, tasted great, arrived hot etc etc.

            However the four of us decided we were going to be very naughty and blag our way into inspecting the kitchens.

            We all had our id's with ie 3 of us where civilians working for MOD, and one of us was a social worker.

            After we had paid we asked to see the manager and flashed our id cards saying we were health inspectors doing spot checks on kitchens.

            He allowed us through to the kitchens where we did a quick inspection mmmmm we found some rather naughtie rules braking in the kitchens fridge and found they were using the same boards to cut raw meat and cooked meats on.

            We informed them and had them rearrange the way they're use of the fridge exampling the rules about where things are stored and how. Basic food hygiene stuff.

            Also about the useof raw meat and cooked meat on the same unwashed board.

            The fact one kitchen porter was taking glasses out of the dishwasher and they were covered in lipstick. The guy then used a rather dirty tea towel to wipe off the lipstick marks then instead of puting the glasses back into the washer for sterializtion he was putting the out to be drunk from.

            The cheif was also seen to use a spoon to test a big pot of something (can't remember what it was now) which would have been fine only he then used the same spoon again on another pot boiling away on the cooker.

            Yes the food producer has to test the food for seasoning etc but with a brand new clean spoon for each pot grrrrrr.

            We told the manager they would be receiving a written report and would be visit again in the near future.

            The manager was so scared and kept saying, he was so sorry and would get everything sorted and it would never happen again.

            hahahaha it's amazing what you can do if you look the part and know what to look for and have an air of authority about you.
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