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  • Christmas cakes

    How many of you are making christmas cakes this year? And what design are you doing on them?

    I have made one and i know it sounds awful, but it (when its finished), will be a wine red colour, with a tartan ribbon and white reindeer topping...if i can get the run out dry in time.

    so now its your turn......
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    I'm leaving Christmas cakes to my mum again. It will look like it does every year, a square cake with white royal icing covering the whole thing and holly and berry decoration around the sides of the cake all iced in royal icing again, with the words Nadolig Llawen on the top and various random plastic figures collected over the years on the top (santa, reindeer, trees and a robin on a log).
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      Made ours last week and it had its first brandy drench last night. Not made one for years and the decorations will probably be very simple but has to have thick marzipan under the icing as my partner prefers that to the actual icing. To be fair he has made the puddings, and I love christmas pudding.

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        cooking a batch right now! the whole house smells of brandy lol
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          i finished decorating mine this week, the finished product can be seen in my photo album,
          Has anyone else finished theirs? and can we see pics please?
          I'M not old...I'm just delightfully retro!!


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            I only made mine yesterday! I use a Nigel Slater recipe, which makes a lovely cake. But I'm hopeless at icing, so I just dab it all over into peaks with a knife to hide the uneveness.
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              Does anyone know a different kind of Christmas cake to make because I can't deal with the nuts and sultanas


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                Oops this year I have cheated and bought one where all you have to do is just add eggs and a lemon and all the other ingredients are already weighed out for you all you have to do is mix it together. Same goes for decorating it I bought the kit for this too. For those who want to know about it I bought this kit from Sainsburys reduced from £15.00 down to £2.00. I can't believe I have cheated it is the first time ever but I am just so busy! The worst apart about it all is that I have asked my mum to make it for me I'm not even doing it myself!
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                  I bought one of the Mary Berry kits for £3 instead of £10 in tesco. I cooked it the other day and it smells gorgeous. It's also not too dark, which is what I wanted. I was very surprised that it was cooked at only 120C in a fan oven I expected it to be higher, but after 4 hours it was cooked but still quite moist.



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                    Hi Milkmaid,
                    I love love blackforest, so Im thinking of putting green tree design with colourful tree ornaments on the top or just Rudolph reindeer themed (Rudolph's face with a big bright red nose)

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                      looking forward to seeing all your photos

                      Sounds interesting Yogy
                      I'M not old...I'm just delightfully retro!!




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                        hmmm i have to admit we buy ours from Bettys of harrogate, in fact we bought 2 this year. The first one we cut up and give it out in favour boxes to our friends but the 2nd one is ours all ours haha.