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  • Giant cupcakes

    Morning everyone,

    My darling hubby bought me a giant silicon cupcake mold but it doesnt come with any recipes. Can anyone recommend a good book or recipe? Im planning on making my daughters 3rd birthday cake with it.

    many thanks
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    Can you just use the usual mix of equal butter/flour/sugar? You would need a lot though to get that mould filled
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      I have a jumbo cupcake mould too, but have yet to use it. I have just dug out the instructions from the box which states "These instructions are for use with 1 boxed cake mix. To make a larger cake, use 2 boxed mixes (approx. 2/3 of this batter will fit into the moulds). The batter mix will measure approximately 4 cups. Fill batter into the bottom mould up to the 2nd fill line from the top. And pour the remaining batter into the top mould"

      Having never used boxed cake mix I have no idea what sort of size round cake that would make, but if you found that bit out then you would then be able to work out if you need a 2 egg, 3 egg or more eggs sponge mix.....
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        If you fill one of your usual shaped cake tins (that you already know what size sponge mix it takes) with water, then decant the water into the special cupcake mould, you'll be able to work out how much cake mix you'll need for it.

        I'd choose a victoria sandwich cake mix for a novelty cake.
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          I've seen on some of the large cupcake moulds that you need to use a 6 egg recipe. If you need a lovely vanilla sponge recipe that I use in my cupcakes (I make cupcakes and jewellery), let me know and I'll message it to you.

          Happy Baking

          Rachel x
          Rachel x
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            Hi Rachel,

            That would be lovely. I was just going to make a triple batch of my super chocolate fudge base and if there was some left I was going to make little cupcakes with it. But I think there will be far too much left over.

            And thank you to the others that responded to this post, Im useless with measurements and weights. Give me a hook and I'll make anything you like as long as I dont have to calculate anything.
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              big molds

              Hi...I am not fan o big cupcakes,..prefer to cook medium size,..but kid love big things :-), can be a good idea for a kids party. There are several sites selling big molds,..for example MOD EDIT: Please read rules. But just search in google and you will find lots..

              good luck
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                bit late but..

                im new so didnt see this before
                i have a giant cupcake mould and use a 10oz/3-4egg mixture and it comes out lovely every time make sure you bake on a low setting (think its gm2 or 3) for 1hr 30 ish, and spray the silicon mould with one of those spray cooking oils - dont use butter or marg to grease


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                  If you work out the rough capacity you should be able to pro-rota the mix to suit your giant cup cake


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                    I second what harpermagic says