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Garlic olive oil recipe which won't kill someone, please

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  • Garlic olive oil recipe which won't kill someone, please

    I'm after a simple, straight forward garlic olive oil recipe which I can make myself and won't give friends/family botulism. I know you can make it fresh and refrigerate it for a while but I want something I can make now and give as Xmas presents along with rosemary and chilli oils. Is there any way?
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    Well... you could just plonk the garlic in and then keep the bottle out of the light.... the botulism risk is massively overstated, it comes form the early canning (not bottling) process in the US. The oil should keep the garlic clove for months, strain it out after standing for 2 -3 days and then risk of spoiling reduces further. Just remember to tap the bottle to get rid of air bubbles!

    Or you could play it safe and heat everything first - but you will lose flavour quite badly!

    Oddly I have just read John Harrison's book on storing produce and he too bemoans the need for him not to include cold oils.

    As you might have guessed I use the cold oil version and have only had one spoilage in about 25 years!
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      Thank you. The botulism vs garlic thing was a complete surprise to me when I first started looking into it because it's not something you tend to hear about very often compared to raw meat/fish warnings. I'm not sure if that's because people don't make it perhaps or just because it's hyped? And like you said heating the garlic destroys the flavour and I'm not even sure if it fully kills all the supposed bacteria anyway.

      What I'd like to know is how supermarkets make it.
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