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    My 12 year old daughter wants to make some form of sweets for people for Christmas. I'd thought about fudge, but then read the other thread about fudge and thought it may be a bit difficult for her to get right. Can anyone suggest a easy sweet receipe of some kind??


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    I once made chocolates for everyone for Christmas (Had to taste test them all, of course). I think the easiest one was wrapping a glace cherry in marzipan, then dipping it in melted chocolate. I didn't get them looking too professional, there were marks where the skewer was, but they tasted good.
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      I used to make these with my mummy...

      Cream Cheese Mints

      1 3-oz pkg. cream cheese (room temperature)
      1/4 - 1/2 tsp. flavoring (peppermint, butter, almond, wintergreen or whatever)
      food coloring or colored sugared (optional)
      2 1/2 - 3 cups powdered sugar

      Mix cheese in bowl until soft. Add coloring and flavoring and gradually add the sugar. Mix and knead until it is the consistency of pie dough or putty. Roll into balls the size of a marble. Dip in granulated sugar and press firmly into a candy mold. Unmold at once onto waxed paper. Once firm transfer onto a cake rack and let dry for a few hours. They will keep a long time if you store them in an air-tight container. Makes about 6 dozen mints.

      You can omit the food coloring and roll the mints in colored sugar.

      If you don't have candy presses, roll the mints and then flatten with a fork for a pretty design.
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        Thanks both of you They both sound simple for her to do

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          My grandkids (3 & 5) LOVE these, and love making them -

          a box of vanilla wafers
          half a stick of butter, semi-melted
          small can thawed orange juice concentrate
          powdered sugar

          Put the vanilla wafers in a lg ziplock bag and crush the daylights out of them with a toy hammer or rolling pin. Be careful they don't pound a hole in the bag...

          add thawed orange juice (maybe not quite the whole can) and the melted butter, zip the bag shut, and let them squish it and squish it until well mixed ... to make a dough.

          Butter your hands and roll it all into small balls - roll each ball in powdered sugar, place each on a cookie sheet and when done, place in the fridge to chill.


          You can also add chopped pecans to the dough...


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            What about good old fashioned taffy...going to look for a recipe now...the kind you pull and fold and pull...I remember llving this as a kid.

            You know, at age 12 (?)...I think you could teach her to make bread...and make some cinnamon rolls for everyone!


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              Good idea's again Thanks Susan
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                Yep, peppermint creams are definitely the way to go - no cooking or nuffink!!!



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                  I posted these into the christmas crafts section - but they are also a food. Mayby your daughter would like to try these? My 5 year old daughter helped with the Christmas Biscuits. Now to attempt to post a link...If it doesn't work, you can find it in the Christmas section.

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                    We always do the make marzipan look like mini fruits and balls of marzipan with a date down the middle or an almond on top. (Sort of like playing with playdough.)

                    At school it was make mini gingerbread men, stars and christmas trees....and elephants. Elephants! Where did they come from? And decorate them with coloured icing squirted out of tubes and silver sugar balls.

                    Peppermint creams and sugar mice. Sift icing sugar. Add beaten egg white and a few drops of peppermint essence. Make a stiff dough. Roll and cut into coin sized circles or form into mice with a bit of string for a tail.

                    And this one is weird. It comes from Chile. Bash cream cracker type biscuits to really fine crumbs. Mix with condended milk. I think that was it. Form into balls. These were like golf balls but if you are watching your waistline, make them like marbles. And you can roll them in things like shredded coconut or cocoa powder.


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                      cream crackers type biscuits...would these be the same as vanilla wafers?

                      This rings a bell...I think i have made these in the distant past...mixing with sweetened condensed milk...hmmm......only I think we just used saltine crackers or Ritz crackers, crumbled. Yes...rolled in powdered sugar...

                      And years ago, I would have my kids spread peanut butter between two Ritz crackers, and then dip the "sandwich" halfway into melted "milk chocolate" chocolate chips.

                      I'm getting the munchies!!


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                        These are all sounding great. I think we're going to have a lot of fun. It might be nice to do a selection

                        Thanks everyone


                        Ps Susan, Cream crackers are savoury biscuits to eat with cheese
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                          Oh but gotta make some of these --

                          yes yes -


                          oh yes yes --



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                            Delia's truffles are really easy to make


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                              Going back to the weird Chilean sweets, my memory was almost correct (Whey hey I'm jumping with joy because I've been having a few worrying moments recently.)
                              Right. They are called colcades (I'm guessing at the spelling...and the could be as). In Chile they were made with ducle de leche which you can't get (easily) in England but it's like condensed milk. She used water biscuits. Gammie, not vanilla wafers but they would work. It's to give bulk and soak up the stickiness. It's right that cream crackers are savoury and for cheese but you can get them so you can't taste any salt. A very neutral flavour. Not salty, not sweet. Then, apparently, the dusting bit is part of it. So coconut, chocolate powder, icing sugar - whatever you can think of.