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Is this the worst kitchen you have ever seen?

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  • Is this the worst kitchen you have ever seen?

    Hello fellow Crafters & Artists,

    I am a mother, artist, keen organic veggie gardener and cook from Australia [I've attached a few pics of my work below]. This post doesn't really have much to do with craft, but I just really need the support of my craft community!!!!!
    I have a completely horrible old 1960's kitchen that's is literally falling apart and as a last resort I have entered it into a competition to win an IKEA kitchen makeover. My entry is currently ranked 7th in the country, but the leader is still thousands & thousands of points ahead.

    If you have a spare moment please have a look at my kitchen nightmare, vote for how much "my kitchen sucks".
    It only takes a few seconds to vote.

    Thankyou so much for your support.'s+Kitchen+sucks
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    Hi Megan

    Have just voted for your 'interesting' kitchen - good luck, hope you win

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      I voted too I hope you get the new kitchen.



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        I voted,
        i dont actually think your kitchen sucks that much, its just a bit cluttered and could do with a lick of paint.
        same as mine unfortunately!
        i hope you win
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          I'm a kitchen designer amongst other things, and I definately think your kitchen sucks and you have my vote too. Mo.XX
          Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
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            Just voted - fingers crossed for you x


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              Just voted. Have top say that my kitchen would fit about three or four times into yours. Mine used to be the coal house!
              hope you win!
              full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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                Fairly sucky! I have voted too! Hope you win!
                Terry xxx
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                  I voted ..... good luck


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                    you got my vote too - makes my kitchen look good - thanks for that and good look



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                      I voted. Good Luck darl xxx

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                        i have voted xx

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                          hmmm I agree it sucks so had to vote, hehe. Have voted for you. Good Luck.


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                            Oooo. You've gone up to 5th!
                            But your kitchen just looks like mine. I broke 6 plates in as many days when I first moved in. There was no room to swing a plate, never mind a cat.
                            I'm really happy today. I came back from a fair to find the hole in my floor (new gas pipe) had been filled in. I have no ceiling though. Should have entered your competition. I might have got it finished quicker than out 2 year DIY marathon.
                            I'll put aside my jealousy and vote for you.
                            It's bliss to have a new kitchen. Unfortunately that's when we sell our houses and move on and start all over again........


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                              Did you win? It has you as the winner but I cannot tell if i'm just reading the ikea page wrong.... I hope you did win it..x

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