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  • Turkey curry

    i know its not craft but how do you make a Turkey curry in a slow cooker please

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    Just find a slow cooker recipe for chicken curry and substitute the chicken with turkey.

    As a point of interest - we just had an indian takeaway for dinner tonight. I ordered my usual chicken korma (don't like hot, spicy food) but 3 (only 3) of the pieces of "chicken" were in fact turkey! You can definitely tell the difference in the taste when you've got them both on your plate.

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      Do you need to do it in the slow cooker? Shouldn't take long from fresh - you can knock one up in about half an hour, otherwise the turkey may be a bit tough and dry with a long cook.

      I made one this evening - although I used leftover turkey, but if you are using fresh just fry it at the beginning with the onions. I fried some onions, carrots, courgette, peppers (basically whatever veg is knocking about at the bottom of the fridge!), chucked in some curry powder (I used garam masala with extra chilli powder and cayenne pepper), then added a tin of tomatoes and simmered for about 20 minutes. Added my turkey, a good dollop of cream, adjusted seasoning and served with rice. Yum!
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        yum, sounds lovely but veggie curry for me please.
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          Aww I am hungry now!!!

          I went out for Christmas and I am missing my left over Turkey!!



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            Originally posted by GlamGlass View Post
            Aww I am hungry now!!!

            I went out for Christmas and I am missing my left over Turkey!!
            How can you manage without leftover turkey?! I love to have ham and turkey and everything to use after Christmas. I can't be doing with these people who keep giving recipes to use up left over Christmas pudding - eat it as Christmas pudding for goodness sake, that is how it is best.


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              I'm hosting our family christmas get together this year and we are all muking in with the food.

              My dish will be a chicken curry and I make it from scratch although not made one for years! I like to roast the whole chicken and once all the meat is off I get my stock from the carcas and hey presto, fingers crossed a nice one! lol

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