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Yorkshire Pudding competition............

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  • Yorkshire Pudding competition............

    Thank you powers to be (mr m) for the food bit someone said ask and you shall receive umm wonder if it will work for a lottery win...

    Ok here it is...... and I really hope you can help...... fingers crossed...

    My total achilles heal in cooking is I CANNOT make yorkshires.... argh embarassing for a chef i know!!! Everyones maiden aunts dogs nephew cousin etc has given me tips I've even bent the ear of a lot of top chefs and a major percentage now use aunt bessies (she rules) and still after approx 20yrs trying to make them I still fail... argh why!!!

    So! I'm willing to offer a £10 voucher for my online shop or a request to that amount for the recipe that makes yummy giant fluffy yorkies!!!

    What i have to try and do this is:
    both a normal oven and a fan assisted jobby, I have a silicone muffin thing, a typical yorkie tray, individual ones, mini ones and cake trays, so many different flours etc, fresh eggs, buttermilk etc
    I intend to spend a whole weekend (again) testing recipes. The only thing I cant use is yeast as i'm allegic...

    I really hope this works I really want for the first time to present (and eat) my own yorkshire puddings.........

    hey anyone want a xmas bacon recipe............

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    The only tip I have for you is use a metal tin and get your oil smoking hot before you put the batter in. All I use is water flour and egg. can't remember how much will have to search out recipe.
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      OK - here's how I make mine . . . but be warned - there are no exact measurements.

      Pre-heat oven to gas mark 8 (no idea what leccy equivalent is).

      Use one tablespoon of plain flour and one egg for every person you want to feed up to a max of 4 eggs. Season, add enough milk to bind and make a gloopy mix and whisk - either with a fork or in a blender. Then whisk some more - then whisk some more. Then add water and whisk until consistency is a bit like runny emulsion. Then leave to stand for about an hour.

      Put some oil in your tins and heat the oil in the oven until the oil is smoking. Quickly add your batter and fill the tins to the top (thats if you're using trays of 12's or 4's but if you're using 7" sandwich tins or larger tins then fill to about half way.

      Put them in the top of the oven and don't open the door for 15 mins by which time they should have cooked past the soggy stage so they won't sink when you open the door. Check to see if they're cooked - they may need an extra 5 or 10 mins depending on how thick your batter was. If you want to crisp up the bottom then turn them over for the last 5 mins of cooking time.

      Happy cooking!

      BTW - are you talking about the coca-cola recipe for bacon/ham joints? I did it last year and its delish.

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        Sorry - I don't measure either, and I follow the same method as Grandma did

        I use lard in the tins not oil.

        I sift the flour into the basin, make a dip in the middle and crack an egg into it, then with a metal spoon stir the egg round gently (with the spoon not touching the flour) so that it gradually brings in the flour, then I add another egg and carry on untill all the flour is bound with the eggs.

        Then add milk gradually until the batter is like thick cream, open the back door and beat like mad (standing in the doorway).

        Leave batter to stand for an hour and add a spoonful of cold water just before pouring into the tins, with the lard smoking hot.

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          Originally posted by ElaineJ View Post

          Some would say you have to be born and raised in Yorkshire.
          lol thats the shocking thing i am a northerner... Oh just said I'm a token southerner now

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            Originally posted by auntynet View Post
            BTW - are you talking about the coca-cola recipe for bacon/ham joints? I did it last year and its delish.
            I tried that one it was wicked ... mine has orange cinnamon cloves bay and dark treacle (mollases) it's on my blog but i'll pull my recipe file and put it on here... thanks for the recipes so far.... Oh is cooking dinner for me tonight so I can work on a dinner party menu i have in 2 weeks.... ah bless he can be a hun..x

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              This is the recipe I always use - I love the wholewheat taste!!

              50g plain wholewheat flour
              pinch salt
              1 egg
              150ml milk
              2 tbsp water

              mix flour and salt, make well in centre and drop in egg and mix to start drawing in flour.
              add milk and water gradually beating all time to avoid lumps
              put a small amount of lard/dripping into the patty tins and put in hot oven (gas 7, 220C) for 5 mins.
              pour mixture into tins
              put straight in oven for 20 to 30 mins until puffy and golden - don't open oven for first 10 mins!

              Good luck and what a yummy weekend!!



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                I dont measure either, just throw Plain flour (not S/R or they wont rise) and two eggs in a jug . ( easy to hold the handle while beating) pinch of salt and milk and wack away with a fork. Needs to look like double cream, so just add water till it dose. Let it rest while I put fat in tins. Fat from the joint adds more flavour . (The fat you take off the juices that makes the gravy). Once the fat is smoking hot pop them in oven. If you time them to go in as the veg comes to the boil all will be ready together. Oh and in a hot oven 225 . Hope this helps. xxx

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                  Mine is much the same as Pepsi's, flour, eggs, a bit of salt, milk and then water - no measuring. I do leave the mixture to 'rest' in the fridge for 1/2 an hour before I pop it in red hot oven. There have been times when they've risen that high I've had to drag them out the oven, lol! Oh, and sometimes (for my dad) I'll put some finely chopped onion in the fat first, mmmmm...lovely! I can't stick those frozen things people buy nowadays.
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                    i cant do them but hubby does fab ones, will ask him for you xx

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                      Originally posted by goldy1 View Post
                      The only tip I have for you is use a metal tin and get your oil smoking hot before you put the batter in. All I use is water flour and egg. can't remember how much will have to search out recipe.
                      And that is the only tip you need, the ingredients can vary enormously but if it doesn't hit hot fat and a metal tray it won't rise. Oh and don't put too much batter in each compartment either.

                      Of course proper yorkshires are not those fluffy southern things anyway, it should really be done in a big tin, I use a 7" square cake tin and put 1/2" batter in, this will make a lovely mix of crunchy outside light and fluffy in the middle. Good stodge to soak gravy and make the meat go further that is what they were designed for.


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                        Can't remember the measurements, but it's very similar to a pancake batter (flour eggs and milk). Use the fat from the roasting beef and put in the yorkshire mould (whatever you want to use) and get this HOT before you put the batter in, then cook for about 10 mins. Done - as Gordon would say.
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                          Pretty much the same as others!

                          Flour, Eggs, a bit of milk. No precise quantities - for 3-4 people I normally chuck in two eggs and a handful or so of flour, then add milk until I get what I consider to be the right consistency (fairly fluffy, almost runny but not quite).

                          Then leave it to stand in the fridge for at least 30 mins, so it's cold.

                          Heat the tray for 'em (with oil in each of the little holes), until the oil is really, really hot (practically smoking). then take it out of the oven, quickly get the batter in so it starts cooking immediately, and back in the oven to finish!

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                            4 eggs, big gloop of milk and add flour by the tablespoon until you get a consistency you are happy with, as auntynet said, thick emulsion (weirdly, thinner batter works better than really thick stuff).

                            Lard in tins - I use the giant yorkshire pudding tin, make sure it is smoking (on another point, OH makes "fat free" yorkshires with olive oil spray!)

                            hot hot oil, add batter (oven at about 180 on fan assisted, maybe a bit higher if no fan)

                            cook for about 15-20 mins, look at them through the window in the door and try not to open the door.

                            You could try toad in the hole, same method for batter but cook sausages in oven tray until almost cooked, crank up the oven at the end of cooking, when at 180 (fan assisted), pout in batter and leave for 15-20 mins as above. The last one I made was so impressive I took a picture of it! Will see if I can dig it out.


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                              I think I might be trying again before the weekend it must be bad I was dreaming about them last night..

                              But I am going to hold out to the weekend and try all together...
                              What do you think photos to see which turn out the best or shall I drag a friend round for impartial judging?

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