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  • Chutneys and other preserves

    Well, since Mr Media very kindly set up this forum and I was one of the posters who thought it would be a good idea, I thought I'd get things started.

    Not much to say except that yesterday I spent nearly three hours labelling the mustards, chutney and marmalade I have been making this week. I still haven't finished as I ran out of labels for two of the types of mustard.

    My store cupboard is looking extremely bare of chutneys for a couple of reasons
    1) I haven't made so much in the last year or so - partly because I haven't been too well on and off, partly because the weather has been so horrible I haven't got out to our field to collect the apples, blackberries and elderberries very often, and partly because the kitchen is not sorted out properly following last year's flooding.
    2) It's been selling like crazy this month - have already done four craft fairs and I have another two day one next weekend and a local school fair at the beginning of December.

    I think I may be spending my Christmas break cooking, so I have something for the craft fairs in the spring.


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    I bought chutney the other day - terrible really, as it seems so easy to make.

    What do you store all your chutneys etc in? I want to make cranberry sauce (if I ever get some cranberries) and I think I may have to buy some kilner jars or something
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      I cadge used jars from friends and family for my chutneys. I only use those which are undamaged, have a metal lid, and which I have thoroughly cleaned and sterilised though!

      For the mustards, jellies and cordials etc I use new jars which I wash and sterilise.



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        I've seen lots of people offering jars on freecycle - try putting a request on there!

        Last week I made a batch of supposedly apple and clove jelly, but thought I'd add some minced crystallized ginger that needed using up. It's delicious - lovely and warming on toast in the morning!

        Just about to make some apple and rosehip jelly - made some last year and it was gorgeous!
        Cathy xx
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          I've seen lots of people offering jars on freecycle - try putting a request on there!
          I've already done that a couple of times and got virtually no response - I had a couple of replies who said they'd had some jars but they'd gone to the recycling and only one that was at all positive, but thanks for the suggestion. I'll probably try again.



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            Oooo, what an exciting section! I love to cook, but have never made preserves, sweets etc before....

            However, I have it on good authority (because I asked!!) that I am getting a complete starter kit for making jams and preserves etc for Christmas from Lawson's. Best present ever!

            I'm so excited and will prob be on here asking for advice and yummy recipes from you all.