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Dried Flowers to make something beautifull or healthy.

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  • Dried Flowers to make something beautifull or healthy.

    Im not sure i psoting in good section but if no plz move it to correct one

    I got a lot types of dried flowers and pentals for sell. You can use it to make Tea, bathbombs, candles or soap I make it alone too but now i dont have time for it and i need t osold it a little bit . They are in good quality and best price
    If you wish to buy some plz write here or private message

    I got:

    Ebay Item number: 292377137576 ( only to look in )

    • French Lavender
    • Lavender
    • Blue Cornflower
    • Pink Cornflower
    • White Cornflower
    • Jasmine
    • Orange Flower Petals
    • Sunflower Petals
    • Chrysanthemum Flowers
    • Roman Chamomile Flowers
    • Helichrysum Flowers
    • Pink Rose Buds
    • Red Rose Buds
    • Peony
    • Daisy Flowers
    • Hops
    • Blue Mallow
    • Marigold Flower
    • Damascus Rose Petals
    • Rose de Meaux petals
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