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Pumpkin Pie potpourri

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  • Pumpkin Pie potpourri

    Thanksgiving is next week, and it really kicks off the Christmas season. I saw these cute little "Chinese take out" cartons at the grocery store in Christmas motif (tree lights) for practically free, so I got a package. I have put green tissue paper in them -


    tucked it into all the corners, and filled it with Pumpkin Pie Spice potpourri -


    then tucked in the tissue paper and closed the box!


    I might add some curly ribbon. I'll sell (try to) the pumpkin pie ones this market, along with pumpkin pie spice soap and pumpkin pie spice soy candles.

    I also have everything in "cranberry marmalade." Next month I'll have "Christmas tree" scented ones in addition to these.
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    That looks amazing. They must be really tiny pumpkins!
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      What a lovely idea and a perfect use for those boxes! They are really fun boxes you found too!
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        The look really attrractive, Should have no problem selling them
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          Great idea Susan. Would make lovely table present gift boxes too. We always have a bag of small fun gifts at dinner time before we open our main gifts, like an extended cracker, hat, gifts, balloons, silly toy, sparklers etc and they would look good sat at each place setting.

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            They're great! You are so inventive and clever!



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              Originally posted by beadsbydesign View Post
              They must be really tiny pumpkins!
              Those little tiny pumpkins are "putka pods." The little tiny piney cones are....hmmmmm, can't remember. Spruce??

              Thanks, all! I have way too much tissue paper in there - for setting out on a table or shelf - so will make that smaller....

              What a great idea, Mo - I think I'll fill a couple with surprises for my grandkids...
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                Looks gorgeous. Which oils do you use to scent? I think pumpkins are a lot more popular in the States than over here. I use traditional mandarin, clove, cinnamon etc. in my Christmas potpourri. Do you use something similar?


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                  This is a fragrance oil I get from Bramble Berry. It is HIGHLY popular, sells well, and really does smell like pumpkin pie. last forever in CP soap!

                  The candle fragrance is slightly diff but close enough, smells terrific, and comes from Candle Science.

                  I am not afraid to stand up and admit internationally, right here, that most of my own blends are NOT GREAT. I will never understand it. I measure. I experiment. I follow recipes...I think I'm jinxed.

                  Pumpkins rock! You should see fields and fields of them in Tn and KY in the early fall...amazing....pumpkins for miles!

                  I have had two successful pumpkin patches over the years, but all others were done in by squash vine borers or extreme high temperatures. Always something.

                  There are ghost pumpkins that are white - have you ever seen them? They look fab at night with a candle lit - very ghostly. And of course, mini pumpkins. I think the thing about pumpkins is that they are somehow just jolly and fun! And they make a darned good pie!

                  Have you ever seen the intricate patterns some people carve? We would get the patterns and my son would carve about 8 different jack-o-lanterns - we would go out at night, light them, and ...well...just feel happy! It's like looking at Christmas lights!

                  Some would collapse before Halloween, but that was okay, we'd buy another one and he'd carve again!

                  One year I threw rotted ghost pumpkins under some cedar bushes - the following spring, they came up! The vines twined all around in the giant cedar bushes and made was unbelievable!!


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                    Well we must have pumpkin farms here as they all appear around halloween, unless they're imported. To be honest, I'm not sure. I've never seen a pumpkin field. Has the U.K got the right climate? Sorry for my ignorance, though I do know we can grow marrows and squash over here and they're from the same family. I think the ones sold over here are mainly for carving into lanterns, though I suppose some must get eaten! I've not seen the white ghost pumpkins - they sound fab.