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Dried rose bud hearts

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  • Dried rose bud hearts


    I have seen some gorgeous dried rosebud hearts I would love to make - any hints on how to do this - haven't worked with dried flowers before so I haven't a clue.



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    dried rosebud hearts

    I am unclear as to just what you mean - a heart that is made of dried rosebuds? Like using a heart shaped styrofoam frame and sticking them in, with artistic skill?


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      dried rosebud heart

      This is what I mean -

      oops not enough posts to post a link

      I think it looks as though they are pierced onto wire - but i have never used dried flowers before so don't know if thats possible without them falling apart




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        You do need to thread them onto wire. You can make a hole through the rosebuds first with a pin. The wire needs to be thick enough not to come apart but thin enough to bend!!. I am not quite sure of the gauge you will need, sorry. You would be better to make the basic shape you want with the wire first leaving a gap at the top and then thread your hearts around it. You can buy readymade wire hearts exactly for this sort of thing, I use them, but I don't know where to buy them over here, I got mine from america!. Hope some of that helps!!!.

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          thanks for that can you tell me a good online stockists to buy dried flowers and wreaths etc.



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            Do you have a friendly florist near you? I'm sure they wouldn't mind offering you a few tips and techniques. Only from what I've seen, they make a small loop to secure the wire into the flower head and then it pokes out the underneath or down the stem. Whether, like you said, the dried buds would put up with this is another thing. Could you use silicon gel instead? Hobbycraft do some polystyrene, pinflair shapes, Sunrise works there I think, and they can be used to stick pins with sequins in, so I suppose they'd tolerate a bit of thin florists wire going in. Anyhoo, good luck with your heart, hope it works out for you, and don't forget some pictures when you've finished. I'm sure it'll look lovely
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              rosebud hearts

              Thanks ladies - i will post some piccy's when I have made one.