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Can you recommend a curtain making course?

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  • Can you recommend a curtain making course?


    First time for me on this website and thought I'd post my question as everyone seems to know what they're talking about here!

    I'm very interested in learning how to make curtains, with a view to making a living out of doing it. As a complete beginner I would really like to attend an intensive course to learn the basics and to get me started.

    Can anyone recommend anywhere that offers such a course? I've found a place up in Derby but it doesn't start til June and I'm feeling too impatient to wait that long!!

    Looking forward to hearing from you!


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    This shop in Ashby-de-la-Zouche holds all sorts of courses including curtain making[email protected]/


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      Tnak you! I'll have a look at it.


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        I can recommend Cambridge Fine Furnishings who do a range of intensive soft furnishing courses. Its where I retrained to make curtains, blinds etc & I then went on to do it professionally for about 6yrs before giving it up last year (only due to working for too many hours & it getting to be too physical for me - I didn't want to expand & take on someone to help which would mean hiring a unit etc)

        Their website is Not cheap but you do get to make your samples for showing to potential clients, despite being called Cambridge FF they are based in Leics just off the A14 & before you get to Coventry area. You would have to stay in B&B.

        Hope this helps



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          OOPS!! Sorry, its not cambridgesoftfurnishings - must be the end of a long hard week that's giving me a senior moment!!!!


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            i'd reccommend getting a book on the subject first and make sure that you like the look of it from that perspective before the expense of a course. Its certainly a business to be in as my mum started with a sewing machine and 500 quid and built it into a business that supported three kids comfortably. You'll be suprised at the repeat business that you will get, plus get in with a handy man or joiner to help with fitting track if that is what you are going to offer. If you do it right your on to a winner.


            The owls made me do it.


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              Professional Curtain Making

              I am new to this too! I teach Professional Curtain Making and Soft Furnishing at a local college near Huntingdon and a few of my students have gone on to start their own business.

              I am about to start Saturday/Sunday courses (also weekly courses) from my home and would be willing to teach either one on one or in small group.

              You will make samples which could be used in your business. I would teach everything you need to know to be able to offer a comprehensive service to clients.


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                Hi there
                Was just wondering what college you teach at? I have been making curtains for some time but would like to do a course in it.


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                  curtain making courses

                  Yes definately get the Merrick & Day Encyclopedia of Curtains - its great for step by step instructions, not cheap about £40 but worth every penny as a reference book.
                  Just a bit of advice though - whatever course you go on you'll probably be encouraged to buy other books, stick with the M & D Ency. the majority of the others just give ideas on designs. I wasted so much money buying loads of soft furnishing books which hardly ever got looked at - once you know the techniques get your design ideas from magazines, M&S & Laura Ashley catalogues as these will give you up to date ideas.

                  Lots of my customers would show me photos out of mags etc & I would make them up for them in different fabrics - let your imagination run riot!

                  You may also be offered the M & D Soft Furnishing Master System. This has loads of forms etc for you to use in a business - you won't need it. You only need 5 template forms or letters - measuring chart, quotation, acceptance, invoice, thank you. All of these you can do via excel or word.

                  Any other advice - feel free to ask or pm




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                    there are a lot of universities out there that are offering curtain making course, its up to you to choose. Goodluck hope you can be successful on curtain making.
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