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Help needed with making curtains :)

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  • Help needed with making curtains :)

    Hi there

    Im very new to this site and I'd really appreciate your comments on making your own curtains.

    The curtains that are currently on my three windows are 90 x 90 - i'm ideally looking to have a similar length (possibly a bit shorter tbh). How easy is it to do this? I'd love to have a go at it myself, our local market has a couple of great fabric stalls. We've decided to overhaul the whole lounge on a very tight budget so i'm going to up-cycle some furniture also.

    Hope that you guys can give me some pointers.

    Thanks in advance


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    I carnt help. but good luck, im hoping to sort my house out on a budget,and start using my sewing machine, and upcycling some furniture x


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      Hi Lindsay

      The first question is how confident are you at using a sewing machine?
      If you are happy sewing in straight lines and can do the maths required to work out quantities to fit right then simple curtains won't be too much of a challenge. The difficulty depends on the fabric you want to use and the style you want.

      If the windows are 90" wide (I'm assuming inches not centimetres) you are wanting the standard heading (3" tape) and are using 54" wide fabric I would put 2 widths into each curtain to provide enough gather to look right. You need to buy enough for the finished length plus extra for hems and turning at the top.
      Having 2 widths in each curtain means you will need to do some matching on the seams if you buy a patterned fabric. Patterned fabrics also need greater consideration as to where you cut - if there is a defined pattern always make sure the pattern will look right at the bottom of the curtain, the gathers at the top disguise the pattern so you can get away with more there. And the curtains will want to match when drawn together too! All this means buying extra fabric - a rough guide is an extra pattern match for every width less one.
      I would always line curtains as not only do they hang much better (and look better) they do the job of keeping the cold out more efficiently.

      A really good site for information and supplies is

      If you are on a tight budget it is also worth looking at cheap ready mades that you could alter/spruce up as sometimes when you have bought all the bits - fabric, lining, thread, header tape -it can come to more than you first think!

      Hope some of this is helpful (used to make curtains professionally )

      CatkinJane - Handmade Material Things


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        There is a great site called


        which will take you through making all types of curtains, blinds, soft furnishing, etc., as well as help with measuring and fabric calculations.
        I sew, therefore I am.
        I apologise in advance for any spelling or grramatical errors, I'm on tablets - no, no - I'm on a tablet.


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          Thanks ladies, really appreciate you taking the time to message me.

          I actually run my own company call Funky Felt, so thankfully i'm pretty confident with the maching etc. However, I'll def take on board the comments about mabye adding to some cheap ready mades.

          Thanks again