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starting my own curtain making business

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  • starting my own curtain making business

    Hi, I have been making curtains for family and friends for several years, and everyone tells me I should start up own business, but have not had the courage or confidence to do it. I am now thinking more seroiously about it but don't know quite where to start. Is it the norm that customers would buy their own material and I would charge per length according to headings/interlinings etc required. If anyone could give me some pointers I would be really grateful, thanks

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    Hayley. Good to see you here. Sorry I cant help but someone will be able to.
    God helps them that help themselves.


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      Welcome to the forums - don't know the first thing about curtain making and as Carol above says am very sure someone will be along who can help you

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        Hi Hayley!

        Haven't had any curtains made for yonks, but we did have a roman blind done a few years ago. We picked the fabric out in the shop and they charged by measurements for fabric, lining, black-out backing, etc. I think you'll probably find *some* customers who want something *very* particular may well bring in their own fabric and I'd probably suggest you make it clear that you have a range to sell AND can use their own - so as not to miss out on anyone!

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          Welcome to the forum.

          Good luck with your venture.

          usually curtain makers supply the materials - chosen from sample books - this is where you can make more profit;-)


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            Hi Hayley, know how you feel as didn't know where to start when I first set up. Hope the following points might help.

            You will find that most curtain makers charge by the width, depending on the heading type, I charge less for a straight gathered heading than I would for a hand finished heading, ie pinch pleats. It might be worth doing a bit of research locally to find out what other charges as could be different depending on where you live.

            It is always helpful to be able to other customers some fabrics for which you will need books for. There are some good suppliers out there that are happy to work with one man (or woman!) bands. I have used a company called Concept Textiles in the past, who are very good. The trick is not to get drawn into buying too many books with any company as this can cost a fortune, but it is a bit tempting when you see all the fabrics! Most companies will set you up an account on pro-forma basis, this means that you pay for the goods before you receive, which is why it is always important to ask for a deposit off customers. I usually ask for 50% up front and the remainder on delivery. I have yet to have a customer who has not been happy with this.

            It would also be useful to find a supplier for all your other bits and bobs, ie lining, heading tape and general workroom supplies. I use Price and Company, Evans Textiles and another good one is Merrick and Day. All these companies offers accounts on pro-forma basis. It is cheaper to buy some of these items in bulk, ie lining etc.

            Hope this information helps, if I think of anything else I will let you know. Good luck with your new venture, any questions let me know.

            Also, first time I have used this forum and so far love it!



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              Hi Sam, thank you so much for your advice, the pricing is a real nightmare isnt it, I also assume that you would charge more per width if the customer wanted interlining so you would have two price tiers - one for lining per width, and one for interlined curtains per width, have been on merrick and day website, but hadnt heard of the other two you mentioned so will take a look, would love to get fabric books but didnt know where to start with that one, so was going to start up with customers sourcing their own and approach this option once up and running, it is quite a daunting thought, but friends have told me for ages to do it, my hubby is a builder and mainly does new build and he says its an immediate market to target, going to measure for my 1st customer in the morning, wish me luck
              Hayley, great website, I agree


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                Clive (Classical Genisis) is another curtain maker, if you have any more questions PM him, he has some tuition threads on here too. This is his profile, you can get hold of him through here.
                God helps them that help themselves.


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                  Hi Hayley

                  Yes to lining vs interlining! Good luck this morning, forgot to say don't forget to charge for fitting if the customer requires it and don't be afraid to ask for the deposit. You'll soon be flying xxxx


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                    Hi! I'm just new here, and I hope your doing fine.

                    I will just recommend that if you will enter this kind of business, you need to be confident. For sure there will be problems on the way, but we all know that's always part of a business. For your problem, I will just add to ask personally some people who are in this kind of business. I think there's no wrong in asking. I know you will do great, good luck!
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                      Hi Hayley,

                      Good luck with your new venture! I think as long as you are confident with your making skills you can afford to offer a great price and channel some business your way! Curtain makers normally charge per width depending on the type of curtains they are looking for - i suggest getting a few quotes and working out a price list. Most Customers will have a fabric in mind and will either plan to buy it themselves or another option is that you would open a trade account with a fabric shop and then make money on the fabric sale as well as the curtain making services!!

                      x Jackie


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                        Hi Hayley,
                        I was a professional curtain & soft furnishing maker for several years & have sent an information file to quite a few ladies on this site who wanted to start their own curtain making business.
                        If you pm or email me with your email address I'll send you the file.



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                          Sorry Sharon forgot to send my email address. [email protected]

                          Please send me the information pack.Its very kind of you
                          Thank you



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                            Hi Sharon, I'm new to this forum. I'm living in Ireland and about to start my first order of Roman blinds. I would be very grateful to receive your information file. I hope it's not too forward of me to pm you my email address.


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                              yes, actually a lot of customers want that they will decide on what material you would use.
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