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what fabric to use?

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  • what fabric to use?

    So, I am buying a new house and need attractive window coverings. To save money I thought I'd make my own curtains. What kind of fabric should I use though?


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    It depends on what you want your curtain for. If you want them to help keep the warm in during the winter then you need something heavy like a chenille or polycotton sateen, alternatively mock suede is quite trendy at the moment, also they should be lined. Alternatively if you want something more decorative you could go for a sheer like a voile, this is a little more difficult to sew. I have done this for the summer, but we also have a wooden blind. I don't draw my voiles just have them for decoration.

    Help this helps a little.


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      curtain making

      As the other post it really depends how warm you want the room or how dark/ light when drawn.
      I'd definately recommend lining them with curtain lining but again that comes in different weights?
      There are some absolutely gorgeous bold patterns designs for curtain material. Also bear in mind whether you want then to be machine washable?
      Good Luck and post a picture when you do finish them!!
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        Curtain Fabric

        Hi there,

        I have 11 rolls of Globaltex Curtain fabric.. its 100% Cotton Duck. I have made some up and lined them and they hang lovely. See my fabric on ebay.. the cottagey style... polka dots and ashley / kidston style florals.. my ebay id is murrellsandlane and see in my ebay shop

        thanks and good luck! Holly xx


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          If you don't want to use an expensive heavy-weight material, but do want the warmth, you could always use a thermal lining. I don't know if you have a Dunelm near you but they are usually really good for materials and lining, they have a big price range from cheap and chearful to more expensive. Good luck and do let us see the finished article!

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