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Any Ideas for Dressing an Odd Shaped Window?

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  • Any Ideas for Dressing an Odd Shaped Window?


    Does anybody have any ideas on how I could dress my bedroom window which has and odd shape, as shown below.

    There is no room to take a pole all the way across the sloping bits and as its a bedroom I would like the curtains to block as much ligh as possible when closed.

    Any ideas would be gratefully received.



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    Where it slopes in at the top of the window, is that because it is in a sort of gable window? Rather than a funny shaped window in a flat wall (if that makes sense!)
    If so, I would attempt a roman type blind - shape it to the window but have it so the pull cords only drop from the straight bit across the top of the window. Velcro the angled sides to the wall. It should fit the shape of the window when down and just obscure the top, narrow area when raised.
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      I would consider using the swag coils on the top corners and where the angled points are at thier fullest?

      That way, you can shape the top of the curtains to cover the entire window and still be able to close them and stuff.

      HArd to explain what I mean though - will try to do it in paint


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        You could always use shutters - get them made to fit the shape of the window

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          You can get custom made Venetian blinds which drop a certain amount in one shape, then drop the rest of the window..... mainly used for those windows with a triangle at the top, but I am sure you can get them for any shape windows.

          That would be custom made by a shop though and could be expensive, are you looking at making them yourself?

          If so, what about making a Roman blind where the roll starts at the square bit, but the top is solid?...... makes sense in my mind!


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            Is your window set into a gable so the ceiling slops down both sides? If that is the case you have a problem as you said. You could have a blind which pulled up from the bottom to fit the window exactly. It would either have to be completely shut or completely open - halfway wouldn't work.
            Alternatively curtains at the room end of the gable maybe. Sorry, cant think of anything else.
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              Pagan's idea of shutters sounds the most straightforward. Bit of an awkward one that!


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                1. - for ideas

                2. Get in touch with Classical Genesis and ask for his help?
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                  odd shaped window


                  I'm assuming the window is set into a sloping ceiling which is why you can't fit a pole across.

                  Cheapest & best option would be a roman blind with blackout lining. Top of the blind would be the angle shape & stationery, & the bottom of the blind would ride up & down as normal. It sounds complicated but if you are reasonably competant at sewing its not too difficult. If you pm me I'll let you have instructions on how to do it.

                  Or you could make a rigid padded fabric pelmet for the top shaped area & a pair of curtains for the bottom square with a pole/track going across the window at the bottom of the shaped part. The curtains would be pulled back during the day but the pelmet stays in place. If using a track the pelmet could be made long enough to cover it so its not seen at all, & you could add a trim such as glass beads along the bottom edge of the pelmet to make a feature of it.




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                    I've tried working this out. My solution's v similar to Sharon's with using a padded type shaped pelmet, but held in place with velcro, so that you could remove it if more daylight required and replace for night time use. The curtains could be on a rod like cafe curtains. This could be a tension one to make things easier for you. Do you aim for a traditional or modern look? You could also google curtain styles in USA as the Americans seem to have great ideas for covering unusual windows! Good luck!


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                      I just wanted to say thank you to everybody who has helped with this.

                      As some of you guessed, it is a gable end which is why there is no room for a curtain pole.

                      You have come up with some interesting solutions and certainly given me some things to think about and look into.

                      Thanks again,



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                        You are very welcome! Please post a pic with your solution to the would be interesting to see!
                        Good luck!