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  • Beginner needs advice please

    Hi, can anyone tell me why when curtains are made professionally the headers stand up straight and tall and when I make curtains they look a bit, well floppy and generally not very crisp or smart.. what am I doing wrong??

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    What kind of heading tape are you using? And do you mean just normal pencil pleats or are you doing a different type of heading?
    Cathy xx
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      Nice to see you. Yes, it does sound as if you are using the wrong tape.
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        type of tape

        just regular pencil pleat tape is what I have used. The type with three slots for the hooks...I did wonder if I am leaving too much above the top of the tape) on the last curtains I made it is an inch... I always use plenty of fabric (double width of windows)..


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          advice please


          If its just ordinary pencil pleat (gathered) headings you need then the best results are by using Rufflette heading tape - the composition is firmer than cheaper heading tapes. Rufflette is more expensive but the results are far superior - in this case you get what you pay for!

          If its pinch pleat (also known as triple or french pleats) or goblet headings, the best results are obtained with buckram inserted between the fabric & lining, not with a spe******ed header tape.

          Hope this helps



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            advic please

            Hi again,

            have just noted that you say you have left an inch of curtain above the top of the tape - this is too much. Place the tape about 1-2cm (no more) below the top of the curtain - its the stiffness of the tape which makes the fabric stand upright.

            You can then place the hooks in a lower position which means the curtain will cover your track. If you are using a pole you can still place the hooks near the top of the tape as you only need to cover the ring hole.

            Rufflette also do a deeper tape so that the pleats are longer - these look quite elegant, especially for a lounge, dining room etc.




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              I'm no expert but could you put some sort of interfacing in between the fabric and the curtain tape? Just an idea I don't really make curtains.


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                Hi! Being that you are using plenty of fabric with it being double width of window, then if you are pulling threads to gather up heading before hanging and maybe finishing off when on track..I can't understand how yours are floppy. Possibly as previously said it could be because you are not using a quality tape and are placing it too low from top, but incidentally what curtain fabric are you using? Its difficult to comment without knowing that. Please don't take offence to this question but where are you placing hooks and are curtains on track or pole?