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Looking for good illustrated window treatment book***

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  • Looking for good illustrated window treatment book***

    Dear All!
    I am looking for a good illustrated contemporary window treatment book (not the "dusty" ones) with nice pictures to show future clients and make them suggestionst.
    Does anybody can recommend one? ----A wonderful day to all of you!--

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    window treatment books


    I used to show my clients 'Curtain Inspiration' by Merrick & Day, but I would find out from my client first when on the phone what kind of look they were after & then bookmark the relevant designs before I visited them - this way you don't have to go through the whole book looking for relevant treatments.

    I also used to make my own folder with cuttings from magazines - leverarch file with clear plastic pockets, & file the cuttings according to colour, clients used to like looking through this. This is ideal for updating when fashion changes.

    I used to buy about 5 house magazines a month - you need a range from '25 Beatiful Homes' to ' Your Homes' to cover every budget & taste.

    There are lots of books on the market. I found the best way of seeing them was to visit a bookstall at one of the trade fairs for home furnishings. The Spring & Autumn Fairs at the NEC are good - you can register for free tickets for most fairs at Unless you know of a good bookshop with a very large home & furnishing section, you're not going to see a large range all together for comparison.

    Hope the above is of help