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I've never made curtains before!

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  • I've never made curtains before!

    Hi there,
    Just after a bit of advice really. I'm moving in a month or 2 and have decided on a colour scheme of navy and turquoise for my bedroom. Only problem is my window is HUGE and I can't find curtains or bedding that I like so I'm going to make them. I've made bedding before but never curtains so I'm not really sure what I'm doing.
    What is the best material to use for curtains? I don't need blackout material or anything as I'm not too bothered about the light since my curtains will be so dark anyway but I definitely want something thicker than voile!
    My current curtains are calico tab tops I think and I'd probably want something like that.

    My questions are:

    1. Where is a good place to look for material? I live in Aberdeen so my choices are somewhat limited but I know we have a Remnant Kings.
    2. Do I buy the curtain material first and then try and find cotton for my bedding to match?
    3. If I want my curtains and bedding to match am I best buying everything in white and dyeing it with the same shade? Or can I find different types of material in the same colour?
    4. Where can I find instructions on how to make tap top curtains?

    I'm quite excited to do all this but I haven't a clue!


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    Hi Emma,

    You`ll need to choose a fabric that`s easy to work with but if you`re an experienced sewer than that wont be so much of an issue.

    Do you have a Dunelm store near you? They sell fabric by the meter or a market stall or Ikea?? If you choose a medium weight poly cotton and line your curtains then you could make your bedding out of the same fabric as your curtains. Another thought may be to buy two ready made quilt sets and make your curtains out of the spare one (if there is enough fabric!)

    Tab tops are nice an easy but I find stuff like difficult to explain on line. I`m sure there will be some tutorials on line if you google or go to your local library for a soft furnishings book.

    Good Luck!



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      On-line instructions on how to make tab top curtains here[email protected]/


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        I think I'd avoid the idea of trying to dye the fabric. If your window is huge then, unless you have a huge industrial washing machine, you run the risk of getting a patchy result.
        My sister always used to make her curtains from duvet sets and it was very effective.


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          making own curtains

          Yes definately keep away from dyeing your fabric considering the amount you appear to need for the window.

          If you're looking for plain fabric then go for poly cotton which will do both curtains & bedding - you can jazz them up by adding embellishments if you want to. Or use a pair of duvet sets as suggested, if the fabric isn't long enough for the length you need, then use the reverse of the duvet covers as a deep contrast border either top or botton.

          I used 2 single duvet sets from Ikea for a spare bedroom - 1 set went on the bed, & the other set made a roman blind, padded pelmet above the window, piped headboard cover & cushions. All for £25!!

          I would recommend using a lining for the curtains though as it protects the fabric from sun damage - you don't want to end up with faded stripes of colour across your curtains after a couple of summers!

          If you need any advice feel free to pm me - I made curtains professionally until recently.

          Good luck



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            why not try to enroll your self on a curtain making course, i am sure you will learn a lot from it.
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              It is really important for you to look for a good materials and fabric that you used in making a curtains, although it really takes time and effort before you finished your curtains.
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                If you are not sure.. I think you must give a try to phifer. Phifer provides great quality of window screen(s) for your needs. Check with them. Also.. the best is hunter douglas. Both are good.


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                  This very nice Thanks for share this nice information about curtain.
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                    I once had something in mind but couldn't find it in the shops. I made ordinary pencil heading curtains out of a thick heavy cottom type material. I used a single width of the same material to make a central panel in king sized quilt cover. I cheated a bit as I bought a king sized sheet in one of the colours in the design and stitched it to the fabric to make a quilt cover.

                    Don't be afraid to mix patterns. At the moment I have modern circle curtains, beige with brown and duck egg circles on them. My bedding is in the exact same colours but its more traditional and flowery. If the colours are same you can mix things up. I quit like mixing modern with very traditional styles. By changing a few items in a room you can make it look totally different.