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  • Dog Coat Help Needed

    Hello everyone!

    I have just got 2 whippet puppies and they need coats... we read up loads online before buying them and we know they need to wear coats when they go out on those colder days and nights, the only problem is - they are growing to quick and I don't have the money to be spending £20 per dog (we have two puppies) every couple of weeks for a new coat...

    So anyway - I want to make them coats instead... Can I be cheeky and ask if any of you have sewing patterns I can use to make them something warm when going out.

    Its a shame because the £ shops do little coats but they are useless for keeping them warm
    Learning about all this crafting stuff... very interested just need to get stuck in!

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    Could you get one from Pound Shop, take it apart to use as a pattern and make it up in a more suitable fabric.
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      Any coat round their bodies will do at the moment until summer ends. You can make adjustable straps for when they grow a bit so it still fastenes and get a thicker, better fitting coat when their growth slows in a few months time and it starts getting cooler.

      This lady does bespoke coats if you want them when their growth slows a little. She started making the coats when she adopted her dog (as pictured on the website).


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        There are literally HUNDREDS of free patterns for dog coats on the web. Google is your friend in this respect.

        I'm surprised you didn't know that puppies grow quickly and make prior provision for this.

        Find a pattern for a greyhound or adult whippet's coat and reduce it on a photocopier to the appropriate size, adjust it to puppy proportions then size up an inch or so every couple of weeks.

        Baby jumpers and cardis from the charity shops can easily be cut and sewn to size. Our local charity shops sell baby cardis at three for a pound.

        I've kept sighthounds for 40 years.They don't need coats when it's 20+ deg in the shade as it is over most of Britain at present.


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          I know what you mean about their coats - we got a lurcher cross pup last November and he was so little and fairly baldy with his baby fur, I just got a coat from Ebay, he soon grew out of it in time for the warmer weather, he runs that fast and often, he doesn't need a coat now, I will get him a new one in the Winter. But you may find with your 2 that once they are old enough to run around (possibly 4 months) they won't need a coat as they will be warm from running, they will chase each other as well so will be exercising even more.
          But I agree with eena about getting a pattern from the web.
          Good luck!
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            Whippets and greyhounds do need them when its cool, even when out on a long walk where they can run and play.