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Sewing Alteration Prices - advice needed please

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  • Sewing Alteration Prices - advice needed please

    Good Evening,

    Can anyone help with a problem i am having, i have been asked to alter rather a lot of garments lately but i have no idea what to charge ? would be grateful if anyone on here does the same and could give me some advise please. Some of the things i have to do are: Leather jackets - adjusting sleeve length, winter coat - sleeve length, men's trousers shortening, womens trousers - making narrower, womens jeans - shortening - any help advise greatly received x
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    I used to dress make years ago but only for myself. I'm okay with small curtains but not advanced/complicated items. The only thing I can suggest is to go into a local dry cleaners and pick up their leaflet on alterations. My local shop used to have everything listed from dress hems, cuffs, jeans, leather jacket sleves, zips on different garment, curtain hems, wedding dress/ ball gown alterations etc. See what you think to the prices they are charging.

    Ive just looked at Johnsons and they don't list the alterations on their website but you could enquire in store if there is one near you.


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      When i put together my price list i googled "alteration price list" and got lots of pages up with good examples. Then i did some alterations and timed them and worked out how much i would need to charge. I then compared that to the sample price lists i had and worked out what was reasonable for the area i lived in. London prices where off the wall, so don't get carried away by them!

      As an example i charge 7.00 for taking up jeans, 10.00 for taking up jacket sleeves (no vent or buttons) and 7.50 for replacing zips in jeans (incl zip). All of these i can do in well under an hour. I am thinking of raising my prices by 10 p.c soon.

      Hope thats helpful
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        I second craftychez's suggestion of enquiring locally and in the surrounding area to get an idea of the going rate. You could just ask as if you were going to have your own clothes altered (a bit underhand) or come right out with why you want to know 'because I don't want to undercut anyone local - this will work best if they're not where you are but in the next town over, so not too local.

        I find costs vary greatly according to area and demographic.

        Anything leather, though, is always charged extra.


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          I would have done it as though I wanted alterations done eena, good suggestion to tell them it's so you don't undercut them.


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            I wouldn't say 'it's so I don't undercut you' if it was someone in the same village - but if it was someone in the same village I wouldn't say it was because I wanted my own clothes altering! Because I'd get found out, village life being what it is (it's a very small village!).

            But for a little town, I'd ask in the next little town; in a bigger little town, I'd be perfectly open and ask another dressmaker or alterations hand in the same town. I've done this and had nothing but helpfulness.Mind you I've NOT undercut them - in fact I've charged more but advertised in different places. For instance when I was living in North Manchester there was a local lady who advertised in the newsagents, supermarket noticeboards, local free paper. A friend of mine advertised very differently in boutiques, designer dress agencies, the Civic Hall (big function suite in it), all the 'parish' magazines (for churches, chapels, synagogues, mosques and temples), the library and got a very different sector of the population as customers. Their price lists started out exactly the same.