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Anyone know where I could find a pattern for this dress?

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  • Anyone know where I could find a pattern for this dress?

    Sorry, cant do clicky links, but would love to make this dress as I love the fit. Im not brave enough to rip the dress and cut a pattern would really appreciate of someone could recommend a pattern or a way for me to make this dress. Thanks so much. If you google the dress below it will come up as Im not allowed to post links yet. Click on images and its the first dress...camoflauge style


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    All that comes back on the House of Fraser site is 'sold out'. Without a pic I can do little to help. PM me a link, maybe?


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      Is this the dress?

      If it is, although it's hard to see the lines of the dress because of the print of the fabric, it looks like a fairly simple dress. The top has cap sleeves (easy); it's a self-bound (easy) V-neck and it looks as if the bust fullness is gathered into a vertical band which runs from the point of the V to the waist - which I think is very slightly dropped. The skirt's waistline is lightly gathered onto the bodice and is straight cut below the hips.

      How does it fasten, or it is a pull-on? Do you have a back view? Do you know whether it is made of a knit or a woven, as that will have a very large bearing on what might be a suitable pattern,


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        Hi Eena, thank you for going to so much trouble. Yes, thats the dress. If you go into the link, there some extra photos, whixh show you the rear view and close up of bust area. The neckline is like a Y piece of material. The dress is made from a 55% silk 45% cotton mix fabric...but feels like cotton/jersey if that makes any sense. its a pull over dress.


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          It's easy to make if you're confident sewing jersey. A silk jersey isn't the easiest thing to sew, but there are some lovely blended polyester jerseys out there which give good results in confident hands, I'll see if i can find a suitable pattern - it might need a bit of adjustment of course, especially as it'll be impossible to do an exact match of the fabric, so its degree of stretch, its weight and its drape will all be different.


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            There are quite a few tutes about using a favourite piece of clothing to make a new pattern (I even bought a book on it). It is time consuming but I found it really taught me how clothes are constructed - and it was fun!

            I use interfacing for my pattern making but I have a friend who finds brown paper easier - you can buy big rolls of it in big stationary places.


            This is just one blog, there are youtube tutes as well. I searched for 'make pattern from dress' and got quite a few hits.

            Good luck.
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              Why bother trying to copy something it will never be anything like it,far better to find a pattern similar to what you want and then make it adding your own bits or buy the dress.
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                Er um I'm making a living from copying dresses ........... Tudor and Victorian.....

                I use greaseproof paper to make my patterns....just because I can pick it up in my corner shop, it doesn't tear like commercial pattern paper and it's transparent so I can lay one piece over another to make alterations.

                Sometimes customers give me a garment to copy. I lay the paper over the garment and draw where the seams are, use maths to work out lengths of edges that have been gathered, pleated or darted, and add seam allowances. Nobody taught me. I just use what little common sense. If it's to fit a specific person or something complicated I make it up first out of throw away fabric (a worn sheet) so I can smooth out wrinkles and make it fit like a glove on a curvy form.

                Have a go.....



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                  Hi Peekachoona,

                  Do you have a simple dress pattern from another style you have done before?
                  The shape of the dress pattern should be straight, sleeveless - pretty much the same shape you see in the style?
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                    you can take a look at this site: