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cant find a better section for this. ruffled cloth after stitching

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  • cant find a better section for this. ruffled cloth after stitching

    I know this isn't exactly fashion but its the closest i could see on the forum.

    I'm make some hearts for valentines day and have a small issue. when i turn the hearts inside out it is becoming ruffled at the point between the hills.

    2013-02-11 19.00.23.jpg

    does anyone know how i can fix it? or exactly what i am doing wrong im using a straight stitch on my sewing machine, then turning it inside out to see the above.

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    You need to clip the seams so the fabric can lie straight. Clip almost but not quite to the stitching. Also, at points - both inner and outer - don't stitch a 'V' but rather stitch one or two straight stitches at the base of the V - this actually gives a much better impression of a point when turned the right way round.

    Any basic sewing book will tell you this in full detail with illustrations - depending on whether the curve is convex or concave, you need to clip slits or clip notches - why not get one out of the library?


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      Yes and have a read on how neclkine facings are sewn (v necks)... Its the same process. Have a look on YouTube for videos to help you if the books don't explain it properly.
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