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its me again......

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  • its me again......

    sorry im a pain i know it but i always find out that i need on here so thats why im full of questions.
    anyway i need an overlocker, long story but ive started a small hobby business and ive had alot of expense this last few months so as a result im broke!!!
    so apart from ebay where else can i look online for a second hand one. also does argos etc ever sell them half price. ive heard they used to do that.

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    A half-price one from Argos will do half a job; try looking on gumtree, local free ads, Loot etc, see it working before you buy it and make sure the instruction manual comes with it!

    Overlockers can be much more temperamental than sewing machines but there are good ones available 2nd hand; often people can't cope with them so they're almost new.

    I got one by putting an ad in the village shop saying 'wanted - overlocker in good working order'.


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      When you do find one try and get a 4 thread rather than a 3 thread one, they make a much stronger seam.



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        I have actually heard lots of great things about the Aldi overlocker but they only have it in every now and then.
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          Do you have a sewing machine? Lots of sewing machines have an overlocking function on them. I know it's not the same as an overlocker but may tie you over if you're short on pennies. I think if you're going to buy one though check out Ebay first or maybe your local sewing shops may have some for sale (or guide you to where you may be able to get one).
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