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  • Flamenco Dress

    Basically I am making a dress based on shirts but for the skirt I want to make it like a flamenco dress
    could somebody give me a few pointers as to how to layer it?
    i am consdering making a petty coat with strips of material in a triangular shape and then covering each one in variousthings
    i basically want a big skirt with lots of movement when i walk
    help! im so lost...
    thank yooouu xxxx

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    If you havent done so already i would suggest searching for simple flamenco dress patterns and scale it down to look like a skirt. Only a suggestion.


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      Not sure on the skirt but a fabbo lady told me how to make the ruffles.
      Cut a piece on material to look like a ring doughnut, cut it through so it looks like a letter 'C' then sew the inner side in a straight line onto the skirt and coz its shaped as a circle the outer edge will ruffle out and look very flamenco-ey.

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