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    Hey, I am teaching myself how to see and make clothing Aswell as other little things but I just needed some advise on what sewing machine to get ??


    Eve x

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    Firstly I do not sew anything except putting buttons back on. However I would advise you find where you local sewing machine shop is, and pay them a visit. I have a friend who runs a sewing machine shop and her biggest bug bear is people who want to buy cheaper on the internet and then expect a shop to sort their problems out for free. They now have a policy that they will not even demonstrate a machine unless the person is definitely in the market for a machine, but they will advise on which machine is best for their needs (they even supply serviced secondhand machines). Once a machine has been purchased, they then give a full demonstration and assistance to make sure the customer knows what to do as soon as they take it home. If the customer has any further problems they are at the end of a phone line or can show how to do something in the shop. If you need a machine serviced, they can do this and supply consumables and extras like overlockers etc. Again they are happy to part exchange machines they have supplied for a better model as the customer's skills and requirements change. So do support your local shop and they will support you.



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      Hi, I guess it is all down to personal choice, what you want to use it for and how much you want to spend. Sewing machines range from £100- £5000. If it is your first sewing machine and you are still learning the ropes definitely go for a domestic sewing machine. One that has a lot of different stitiches that you can play around with and discover. I personally have the Brother BM3600, It is quite a basic machine but is reliable and at the moment caters for what I need. I would go into a shop and get some advice and maybe try out a few but I would also have a look online as you can get some really good deals. Hope this is helpful. x
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        I would advise going to a shop then they will sort you out but haveing said that i went and bought a second hand machine before i could sew and i still use it now so do what seems right for you,it can only be right or wronge,reading back thro that it,s not very helpfull is it
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