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  • Vintage Tribe Clothing

    Welcome to Verytribe! Here you will the best Asian unique tribal related products
    with very compettetive prices, and we are dedicated to offer all you there a sincere
    and prompt service. We hope you really enjoy your the time with Verytribe!

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    Qing Dynasty Imperial Costume

    Flat Embroidery Years:Qing Dynasty


    This is an Unique Item,Very Valuable Miao Costume!

    ยท The Miao people use a wide range of raw materials, such as ramie, bark, silk and wool and many of these materials require more than thirty working procedures, like scratching, soaking, spinning, twisting, washing, threading, weaving and dying. Their dye is made from both home and wild plants, whose leaves, bark and seeds are ground, soaked, purified, and precipitated before being stored in a jar for use. When the time comes to dye, salt or other ingredients for greater tinting power is added to the well-stirred dye and then the cloth with wax pattern is soaked in the day jar before finally taken out to heat for the wax to drop. Hence the beautiful pattern! Such complicated ways and skills of using the stitch and threads are again seen in another form of the costume culture of the miao people, the cross-stitch work that can be subdivided into two categories, i.e. The cross-stitch style and the return-stitch style. In the former, the large varieties of beautiful patterns are formed by millions of tiny crosses embroidered, whose sizes are decided by the size of the cloth into which they are embroidered. As for the latter, the stitch is used in the way that it returns. From a certain point, every four stitches to cover the space before it. Embroidery work of this style have evenly scattered patterns and have both sides identical. Clickhere: to see more introduction about Miao costume.
    Welcome to Verytribe!
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    wow!!Reminds me of the great costumes at the V&A museum.

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