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  • Makes you wanna spit

    I have just sat down for a cup of coffee feeling rather pleased with myself having(sic)finished my coat,when i noticed i have got the corners on thee front wronge and it is hanging like s??? quite frankly so gonna have to take it out and do it again you have never made a mistake then you are not trying hard enough,just thought i might let you in on that wonderful piece of nonsense
    If you have never made a mistake then you are not trying hard enough
    Laugh as long and as loud as you can,because you can

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    I make plenty of mistakes, and some are a lot more frustrating than others - especially when you think you are close to finishing something. Thankfully I found a way around it with my quilling and have learnt to make different elements for a quilled piece before getting enthusiatic and sticking it all to the card. That reduces mistakes a lot
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      The familarity breds contempt saying comes to mind. Things become second nature and sometimes you lose concentration and you just balls it up and don't even notice till its all finished. I have done all sorts of things like that. Threading a sequence of stones, all nicely finished and bingo, one sodding sequence right in the middle is wrong, a stone is missing, colourway is crap. Oh well if you didn't make mistakes you wouldn't appreciate all the times it looks good and you got it spot on would you.

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        I was about to say isn't it rotten to only realise a mistake once something is finished but of course if you find the mistake before you finish then it is just part of making it and not a mistake.

        Hope you can put it right without too much trouble.



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          Sympathy winging your way.

          Have you ever put arms in backwards yet? That's an OMG situation if not spotted before trying it on the customer

          How do you react to a mistake?
          My sewing grandma used to throw the thing on the floor, curse in French (she was French) and stomp around the house muttering.
          I find I throw it down (but on a chair to keep clean) and say naughty words, reach for naughty food and drink and do something else for the rest of the day. Later in the week it's job of the day to unpick and redo and it's never as bad I thought it was.....apart from the silk chiffon jobby that nearly defeated me.


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            Had to take apart three quarters of the previous days work on my rag rug as it was a bit tight and was looking mpore like a giant fruit bowl.
            All flat now though.
            full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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              I once sewed two trouser legs together. I got laughed at a lot for that one. Still have no idea how I managed it!

              I always remember my needlework teacher in school telling me you get more patience as you get older. Heck, I must have been really impatient in those days! I did do a lot of unpicking, as I remember.
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                A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.
                Albert Einstein

                Hopefully we all learn something from them?


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                  I recall when I first started quilting one tiny 2 cm error in the middle resulted in big frills all round the edges. lol.
                  God helps them that help themselves.


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                    Yep Mo so bloody right
                    Laugh as long and as loud as you can,because you can


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                      Yea course i can ,thats half the problem knowing i can put it right,but hey life is lovely
                      Laugh as long and as loud as you can,because you can


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                        Yep done that as well,but untill i had taken both arms off i did not realise that i only needed todo one then i realy did spit abit..
                        But heyho live and learn or not
                        Laugh as long and as loud as you can,because you can