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regulations/requirements for tees??

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  • regulations/requirements for tees??

    I was wondering if anybody knows the legal requirements for labelling t-shirts??

    I make and sell jewellery, but i used to customise t-shirts and am thinking of adding some to my shops. but i want to be sure i do it all legally!!!

    a while ago i bought some fruit of the loom blanks and customised them by cutting out the necklines and cutting slashes all down the back (best way i can describe it!!) i am also thinking about experimenting with hotfix crystals too.

    can i leave the fruit of the loom labels in or do i have to use my own labels as the tees are customised? some of the labels have to be removed (eg cutting out necklines) so would i need to replace them? or can i send a piece of paper with the t-shirt that contains this info??

    im assuming there are legal requirements, but what are they? sizes? fabric? washing instructions?

    any help on this topic would be hugely appreciated!!
    SarahJane x

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    Not exactly my area of expertise. If you are buying Fruit of the Loom t-shirts, then they will always be a Fruit of the Loom product. I personally would leave the label on as a selling point as to the quality of your materials. You should then brand them in a way to give them an identity for your work. You will not be trying to pass them off as a Fruit of the Loom product, as I assume they will sell for more than standard retail! If you cut the label out then you would not have to replace it.

    I do know a bit about copyright and what you are doing will not break the law. You might find it useful to have a word with your local Business Link office. They should be able to help with legal requirements - use them they are a free service.