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  • Clothes watcha think?

    Hello one and all or maybe not
    Last Thursday went on one of my favorile outings.looking round the clothes shops in Exeter and i am always struck by the disparity in colour and style between male and female wear, for instance in one shop selling both genders there was on the racks 5 different styles and colours of trouser/slacks for female and trousers or combats with four diferent shades not colour for the males, Why? is it the shop or is it the customers, For my self if i buy anything it is usualy a female fit and i alter it to fit
    Dunno any thoughts anyone.

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    Laugh as long and as loud as you can,because you can

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    It's the same (not as bad) with little boy clothes...but I just got some cotton fabric with cacti, tepees, bison and war bonnets all over make my 3 year old grandson a pair pajamas. I also found some great "shop" themed fabric - saws and wrenches an hammers and so forth, so going to make him something out of that, too.

    My husband and son have to buy at the Tall Men's Warehouse (son is 6ft 7in tall), and you're right - it's all shades of the same black, gray, navy, brown...BUT, they have finally got some beautiful colors in shirts and ties! YAY!

    I think you just have to find the right fabric and make what you really want, even make your own patterns, so you're doing what it takes! A really specific market target usually requires a very specific shop, to survive as a business. That probably is why not everything can be found everywhere.

    I am dying to buy a seamstress' form to make clothes to fit myself better as I age. Comments unnecessary... =D


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      It drives me nuts! Men's clothes have been soooooooo dull and boring for a century!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Here's me making repro Tudor clothes for all sorts of men and they revel in their finery. They look fab, and as we re-enact minus glasses, the only way some of us can tell who's who is by the blob of colour walking towards us.
      Bring back Beau Brumell pleeeeeeeeese.

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        Oh Annie. Thank goodness for contact lense.
        God helps them that help themselves.


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          I know........but what I don't let on is we camp. We really slum it. We are putting contact lenses in a farmyard. (Not the gentry. They get let in to a stately home to play and have perfume and soft pastel towels in their toilets. Oh no. I've let on I've snuck in. I'll get shot!)
          Funnily enough, as long as you don't try to shoot arrows when you are short sighted or use the kids to thread your needles when you sew if you are long sighted it's amazing how much you can do in a fuzzy world.


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            Glenville, I love your shop.

            I agree with you on the mens fashion thing regarding colours, differing shades of the same colour as Susan says.

            Whether that is the fault of the customer or the shop I wouldn't know, most of the lads and men I know don't mind wearing a bit of colour in their t.shirts but their casual slacks tend to be black, grey, beige cargo type pants or jeans. Their more formal wear tends to be smart but bland with an occasional colourful shirt or tie.
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              I can not wait to get my own hosue where I can turn the front room into a craft room too. Out of storage comes my manniquin and sewing machines!

              I am naturally very thin and a bit short and struggle so much to fine nice, smart clothes that fit me and look flattering on the high street that doesnt cost the earth. My back curves in a lot so I cant wear the 'boyfriend' type trousers that seem to be everywhere now.

              The fits are so poor - I have no room at the front and I could fit a shopping bag in the gap at the back!!

              I do dispare at the kids clothing too - I work for an importer and the boys clothes sometimes are so drab, mind you the girls are starting to go that way as well
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                Ohh yes i am trying,funny thing is every body loves what i wear but don,t want to do it themselves!
                Laugh as long and as loud as you can,because you can


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                  Glenvill I love the clothes in your shop! The dress called Ameli is beautiful! Wish I could afford something as pretty as that


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                    VERY true! Every high street clothes shop looks exactly the same as the last one I pass. That's why the majority of clothing I buy comes from the internet!
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