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Danceing in Mud

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  • Danceing in Mud

    As this is a clothing forum i thought i might tellyou about danceing teehee. well 5rythmns danceing is another of my passions and whilst i have never done 5rythmns in the mud i have been to a few raves in the mud and it gets very slippy. Well that is how my day has been being fullrightup with creative urges i have been creating clothes like billo, but today the brain is all fired up and blasting away but twas just like danceing in mud,took me all morning to put a wait band on a skirt and all afternoon to do the hem. It do be a bleedy lovely skirt tho
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    So, took a little longer than you hoped but hey you have a nice skirt at the end of the day and there's always tomorrow to look forward to.


    ps Nice grey dress in the album.
    Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
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