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Starting baby clothing business- HELP

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  • Starting baby clothing business- HELP

    Can anyone help me please! I have no idea where to start.. I would like to buy big amount of blank tshirts for toddlers, decorate it and put my own tag on them.
    First of all I don't know where and if I can buy tagless tshirts. If there are tags, do I need to remove them or simply add mine?
    I also have some designs and shapes to be cut out of fabrics, but I'm thinking that if it's a big amount that maybe I could send it all and pay for cutting out shapes, then stitching them on the t shirts and finally sewing in my own tag. Do you know where I could do that? Would it be cheaper overseas?

    I would really appreciate any of your help!

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    Hi, I'm sure some textile experts will be along before long who will be able to help you, but I am concerned that you might not be allowed to remove someone elses tag and put your own in as you are not actually making the t-shirt? Could be completely wrong of course - I'm sure someone will put me right........


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      Logically you must be able to get them because Fashion manufacturers don't make their own, they just put their label in them but you would have to buy vast quantities in one go.
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        I would think you want a wholesaler,you probable do not want enough to go to a manufacturer,try ebay easy

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          I did a search in Google for Blank t-shirts and it come up with quite a lot of result like this one which sells blank fruit of the loom t-shirts, I know some manufactures use this T-shirts to print TV show characters on. Not sure if this site is cheaper or not but I think asking on site like this and also searching for websites is a good start.


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            I use Mantis World, they are a small company but have reasonable prices, you don't have to buy massive quantities and also have t shirts that come 'without logo', you can locate these ones by the symbol on the item page. They will also insert your own tags into the tops but I think the minimum quantity to order for those is 500...although you would need to check that on their website.

            I deal with Hannah there and she has been incredibly helpful with my orders.

            They have a website and are also on facebook, I have tried to add the link for you but got a message saying I have to have 25 or more posts before I can do that (had better get typing!)



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              Hi, Suziesheep !

              I am starting baby clothing supply. I would like to take this chance to learn and develop my new business. I will supply blank t-shirts for toddlers without tag or sewing shapes as your request...If you are interested in my offer, you contact my at: [email protected]

              Best regards