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  • A certain summer collection

    A certain model has a summer collection out this year.
    Ive just had a look and can honestly say 90% of it is dull dull dull!!
    Seen it all before, some of it my nan would have worn.I read recently that gladiator shoes are out of fashion and yet there they are in her collection.

    Any opinions on the collection.

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    I entered a competition to win the whole lot of the first section of her collection - with the sole intention of selling most of it on! There were a couple of dresses that I liked but there is only a certain type of person who can wear shorts that are that short and get away with it. I've not seen this collection though. I loved the stuff that Celia Birtwell did at Topshop last year - gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!
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      Just had a quick google, very nice.
      Exactly.I know I should give in to the fact that Im way too old for Topshop now and lets face it I never really had the Topshop look anyway.
      But those flowery blouses, how many of the age range they are aiming for will look at that and think high fashion rather than country pumpkin!?

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