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  • Lining dilemma

    Hi y'all

    As some of you may know im making a skirt for a pal.
    The material is quite see through so I thought I could easily solve this problem by adding a layers of cotton lining.
    But, now im thinking about static.Will the cotton against the musliny main material cause any kind of problems like bunching up as she walks?
    Should I have got some other type of lining!!?

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    Shouldn't Do...

    ...Definitely no static...both fabrics are natural so they won't cause static.

    You can avoid bunching if you match the side seams of skirt and lining and put in a few anchor stitches every 4 or 5 inches...this should keep the two layers together without them moving against each other.

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      Ooh, your a diamond, thats a weight off my mind,thanks!!

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        Took the half made skirt to my pals last night.Only remembered at 5pm the previous day that Id made plans to meet up with her.
        I decided to use 2 layers of lining/underskirt as it turned out to be quite sheer.

        She really liked it!!I was so worried she'd hate the way the stripes go(due to me convincing her I wanted to do it an easy way ie no panels) but she didnt mention it and was really happy.
        So she tried it on(or I pinned it on)and we sorted out where the loops are going to go as she wants a belt to go with it which will be tied into a big bow.

        I have to add the loops,add the zip, sew the whole lot together, make the belt all by the 20th June!!! eek!

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