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Ink stamping on fabric

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  • Ink stamping on fabric

    Id like to use rubber stamps I have to print onto fabric, any ideas as to what make of ink i can use and how to get it to stay on the fabric/how to make it waterproof for washing?

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    I don't know about using rubber stamps but if you go to

    (www) dot craftycomputerpaper dot co dot uk

    They sell fabric that you can put through your computer printer.

    They do all sorts of types - I use the fusible cotton for a lot of things, but they also do silk you can print on.

    They are all washable to although I haven't tested to see how resilient it is. Maybe worth a look?
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      i've done rubber stamping onto fabric i think i used a stayzon ink pad, that was quite a while ago, i would think there are other ink pads that would do it too!
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        I do find ink stamping fashionable


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          I do too and is handmade then ;]

          I never done it yet butI would like one day so post your results please
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            I did a bit of stamping a few years ago onto an old top i wanted to jazz up, and on a t-shirt as a christmas presetn for my sister, but i used house hold bleach instaed. I made a skull stamp out of foam and stuck it on some wood. Then just brushed the bleach on and stamped away!
            Although i think bleach eventualy rots fabric, but its been ok for two years!
            Im not sure what ink id use, i think generaly any ink would work but youd have to be careful it didnt bleed into the fabric, maybe you could experiment with fabric paints? sometimes theyre ok.
            And usually a quick iron, with some steam fixes things to fabric. And just wash it on a delicate cycle.


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              Stazon or Fabrico are the best ink pads to use on fabric. Depending on your stamps you could also try acrylic paint with a textile medium. Once ironed on the reverse it's fixed for washing.


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                I agree with Crafty-clare
                Stazon or Fabrico are the best ink pads to use on fabric
                I've found these to be good. Also, when stampling onto fabric it helps to have something like a 'whole' newspaper underneath. It provides a bit of give to the fabric - I've always got a crisper image that way. Oh! and masking tape it to something so it doesn't move. Colour in the design with fabric paint or acrylic and if you add acrylic medium - irridescent etc you can get some beautiful effects........ I'm ranting sorry!



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                  did yu ever get an answer to this question? I would like to know exactly which inks to use
                  as I have asked on another forum with differing answers

                  all the best Crafteresa


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                    I have seen a product from Calico Pie where you mix it with acrylic paint and it makes it into fabric paint. I assume it to also be washable. I can't remember what it was called but i'll try and find a link for you.


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                      i actually just realised i cant post links yet, but the product is Aleene's Textile Medium, and it's only £2.39 from Calico Pie (online).
                      I hope it helps!


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                        hey mate you thought about mayb getting a reasonable cheap screen printing set/ classes? similar but amazing quality and control over your work that way