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    Im making my friend a skirt made from a circle.
    She wants to use a fabric she descibes as the holey stuff, im assuming thats embroiderie anglais.
    I have it in my head that the holes run along one edge of the fabric(but Im sure there are variants of this).If the holes were along one edge,id try to get them along the bottom of the skirt, but wont the holes droop at the sides as the circle goes up and round.
    She says she will get some material before she see's me next monday and obviously I dont want her to buy material then find I cant make a circle skirt from it.

    Any advice or am I talking nonsense?

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    Could you do it in panels? That way the holes would stay at the bottom and not droop. I am the woman who asked for advice in taking dresses in so I might not have the best advice!
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      Thats a good idea!I shall add it to my option list.

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        you can get it in diffrent widths. from about an inch to full width cloth.
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          Broderie Anglaise..

          Can come in lots of different patterns. Although it's all 'holey'.

          There's a lovely blue Skirt by TU in Sainsbury's that I'd love but it's £18.

          Broderie doesn't have to just have a border pattern, the pattern can be all over. My mother in law sells it in her shop, in lots of depths, from a quarter inch edging to 150cms dress fabrics.

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