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1970s caravan curtain + charity shop skirt turned delicate summer dress...

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  • 1970s caravan curtain + charity shop skirt turned delicate summer dress...

    I appreciate this may also go in the recycled area, buuuut I thought I'd try my luck here forst, seeing as it is clothing

    I was having a mad MAD panic.. I'd been organising a photoshoot for weeks now & promised to supply the wardrobe.. it was now the night before the shoot, and I had one.. unfinished dress!! AAAAHHHHHHHH PANIC! I quickly finished the first dress & all of a sudden I found this skirt in my huge 'reconstruction box', that I'd bought from a charity shop a couple of days before! I then raked about in my fabric stash and found a 1970s vintage caravan curtain that my gran gave me a few weeks before, fortunately the two went together perfectly! So I made a bodice and put the two together, this is how it all turned out

    ps, the watermarks are there as the majority of my photography goes up online, you'd be surprised at how often these end up on myspace !

    The whooooole thing!

    Detail of the luffly 70s caravan curtain!

    The back

    Any comments & crit is greatly appreciated!!

    Dearest Jackdaw


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    Oh well done. They say the camera doesn't lie so you have obviously made a beautiful job.
    God helps them that help themselves.


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      WOW!!!! I'm soooooo impressed, it looks lovely

      Freja xx



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        This is really lovely - nobody would ever have imagined it was a rush make in one evening - great work


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          Gosh what a brilliant job there! You'd never guess that it uses old curtains.
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            That's gorgeous! Well done you! Very retro
            Dee x
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              gosh how beautiful would never have known was made from old curtains!!!!!
              Lady Lora


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                A lovely looking dress, though from your description of materials I had expected to see something retro - I think I prefer what I saw


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                  Very professional a beautiful dress.
                  I started off with nothing and I've still got most if left.



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                    So pretty and delicate! I am not sure what I was expecting but caravan curtains don't usually top the style awards. That is amazing and I wish you all the best with the shoot!
                    Terry xxx
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                      Oh, that is so pretty and very feminine. I love it!
                      Gail x

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                        Wow! That's absolutely beautiful! I would definitely wear that!

                        How did you make that out of curtains?! haha! Impressive


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                          It's beautiful - and extra points for it being recycled/repurposed
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                            OMG I am sooooooooo jealous of you for being able to make something like this!!!
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                              Wow! Looks fab!
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