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  • Project??

    I dont know about anyone else, but I seem to be throwing or giving away a lot of clothes, especially kids stuff!

    It got me thinking, as I've been wanting to do some other crafts to use the items to maybe do some patchwork bags, or even clothing with it. Its been a while since i've actually sewn anything, apart from hemming things!

    it's also recycling unwanted things, so i'm thinking maybe if anyone else is interested we could do it as a grou thing, see what we can come u with and share on here.

    anyone up for it?

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    20/25 years ago I'd have had plenty of kid's clothes to pass on and some of Child's summer dresses would have been great for paatchwork.

    Currently I'm collecting denim jeans to make a rag rug -it's going to take quite a lot of pairs to make a decent sized rug.
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      Originally posted by ElaineJ View Post
      Currently I'm collecting denim jeans to make a rag rug -it's going to take quite a lot of pairs to make a decent sized rug.
      Shame you're in Wales & I'm in London... I've got a few pairs to get rid of.

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        Have you tried asking on Freecycle Elaine, or maybe asking on Caffi55 for idea's where to find some ?


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          I could be persuaded to part with some of my old clothes that are currently awaiting re-formatting. I keep them just in case / I will make them into but as i am decluttering, I need to get rid.

          I have some jeans that are in this pile if you want them Elaine, may be able to arrange getting them to you on my way down to somerset next month?


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            I recently found out about a scheme called Morsbagging ( which is about making bags out of recycled fabrics to give away to shoppers in an effort to reduce plastic bag usage.

            The idea is that it is a social event to get together and make the bags as a group over a glass of wine or two!!

            Why not take a look and see if there is a POD (that's what they call the different groups) near you?

            I'm in Stafford so there'd be no point in trying to recruit you my pod.

            Happy Crafting!


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              Yes, I'd be interested in sharing ideas. I am starting teaching a course at my local college called Credit Crunch Crafts - I have a group starting next week in college, then another starting in September in a community centre for a mums' group.

              I've seen the Morsbags website - it's a brilliant idea, I have no time to join unfortunately, but will be passing the idea onto all my students!

              I've just inherited a million binbags of clothes, duvets and curtains from someone on freecycle. I am going through them slowly, sorting into various piles - remodelling for clothes, useful fabrics (patchwork/applique/small gifty-type things), button-salvage, bag-making, etc. As I'm only spending about half an hour a day on the sorting, it's taking some time!

              Also consider:
              old maps or kids' annuals etc for cardmaking, scrapbooking, gift boxes, labels, etc.
              driftwood and shells on a wood/mdf back with a mirror tile
              Fabric used on canvas for pictures (esp kids' rooms) and cards (applique-style)
              paint effects on old furniture, pic frames, etc
              felting old jumpers
              cushion covers, children's quilts, etc

              I think maybe this post has gone a bit overboard! Just realised this is clothing not recycled crafts!! Sorry....
              digital stamps for cardmakers:
              hand painted personalised plaques, clocks, canvases, etc: