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    I have a sewing machine and no material (recently gave away a huge bag of vitage fabric, oops) and no patterns. Ive always wanted to make clothes and loved project runway, but havent had any experience/help.

    I wanted to start making ties and waistcoats for men, but the fabric is v expensive so i think it would be better to practice up!

    So, skirts and dresses!

    If anyone can recommend me any designs to start off with, i have no clue, the patterns in our local fabrric store are £8, is this normal? I dont have ebay.

    I googled and came across a patterrn for paneled skirts and elastic skirts, these suggested you could cut your own patterns. Is this more for intermediates?

    I ould like to make a knee length skirrt out of stretch fabric ideally cos im a cyclist!!

    Thank you (1/2 marathons for World Society for the Protection of Animals) Vegan cookery

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    If saving money is a necessity, you can always get an old item that you like the shape of and take it apart for your pattern.. Taking it apart will also show you the order in which it was assembled, so remember to make notes, and dont forget when you cut your new material to line up the pieces the same way on the fabric.

    Check out Fabric shops and market stalls for cheaper fabrics to experiment on, and also for discounted or end of line paper patterns too. My local shop often has a 99p/metre bin.. and you may also pick up offcuts that are long enough to make a simple skirt or top from.


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      good advice from sparky

      there are alot of websites that can give you free patterns and you could start with something quite easy to get the hang of it
      try these

      or type in free sewing patterns on google

      market stalls offer great value for money with fabrics, you could also try your local charity shops , loads of things can be cut down to make a new pattern.
      The cheaper your fabric is the more you will be able to experiment without worrying to much about wasting money
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