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    I sometimes buy basic clothes from a shop (whos name rhymes with tiemark.... dont know if im allowed to say!) and jazz them up a bit by sewing beads and ribbons etc on them. I would like to kind of test them out at a craft fair, just to see if other people like them enough to buy them. But my problem is, im not realy making them am I? Would this count as crafts? I did used to make some clothes but i dont have a sewing machine anymore. Anyway, just wanted some opinions, feel free to shout at me for sullying the name of crafts!
    I like to make things - usually a mess!
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    I have a few thoughts on this
    You would need an awful lot of stock because of the range of sizes you would have to carry and if each one is bespoke that could limit sales eg someone may love the size 12 but need size 14 etc
    I'm not too sure about the quality of the original goods either
    One thing that is quite trendy at the moment is "upcycling" so have you thought about buying quality clothes in charity Shops and dressing them up?
    ALso have you thought of joining your local Freecycle? - ours often has offers of sewing machines on there
    just my twopennorth
    Chris xx
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      well, I do a similar thing - not clothes - but do part bought, part made items. Like I but little harback notebooks and decorate them with FIMO shapes which I stick on and my drawing pins I make the FIMo shapes which again I stick on. I figure as long as you make part of it you can still sell it just be careful with wording - I tend to call these items hand 'decorated' and especially as you're using clothes which is very different to notebooks, I'd check the legal implications - just to be on the safeside.

      I'm sure people will be more than happy to buy them though and the majority of fair organisers will be ok with this - it's not like you're just buying in on mass - there is still a handmade element to this.

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        I love p r i m a r k clothes

        cheap and cheerful but then theres the thought of the material or fabric not being a very good quality, so they don't last as long, but that should be expected for the prices they are sold at!


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          Having seen so much bought in stuff at "craft fairs", I don't see why you should worry - it is no different to many people who buy crockery and then paint it and call it hand crafted.

          Go for it if you feel there is a market.


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            I dont have a clue if theres a market to be honest! My boyfirend thinks I dress like a hippy..... I dont know if there are many people going for that look!

            Im not too keen on the idea of selling stuff thats from charity shops.... just because if you buy something, you kind of expect it to be new. ALthough I could go down the whole vintage route I supose!

            Whats freecycle? I realy dont have the money to buy a sewing machine at the moment, might ask for one for christmas! I used to use my sisters but when I moved out I had to leave it behind. Also if I was making clothes to sell, I think Id need an overlocker as well, and this is all adding up, and its something that might not even work!

            Im glad you all dont think Im a big fraud anyway! lol
            I like to make things - usually a mess!
            Please look at my stuff and let me know what you think!


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              I think it's a great idea and definitely comes into the 'crafts' section. You may be able to get away with small medium and large sizing, and I would remove the store labels or cover them with ribbon if they have the washing instructions on the back so it would not look like you were just buying in to sell.
              Here is the freecycle details for lancs
              Hopefully there is a branch near you. Basically, you look through the adds to see if anyone is giving away what you want or put in a ad yourself asking for what you need.



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                Thats brilliant thanks! Ill look into that now. I could make some things, and people could kind of order bespoke things in other sizes.... I dont know it was just the initital idea before, i think im gonna have to have a realy good think about it, and then go shoppping! lol. Thanks for everyones help by the way. Rep power to you al!
                I like to make things - usually a mess!
                Please look at my stuff and let me know what you think!


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                  It's a good idea...I sometimes do this for myself, not a lot, either take something off or add something. I bought 2 very plain jumpers, one pale pink and the other a mushroomy colour, loved the longer length but they were baggy. As they had holes along the hem they were just begging for either a ribbon or narrow belt to be weaved through, so I crocheted some fluffy multicoloured matching wool into a 'chain' and now have 2 prettier jumpers. Yep, go for it, as each one of your items will be unique and special Good idea about snipping out the shop name tag too!
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                    I think I might try this out at our super craft fair that all us northwestians are organising! lol Its gonna be so sweet!
                    I like to make things - usually a mess!
                    Please look at my stuff and let me know what you think!


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                      have just watched Gok Wan on channel 4 and he takes high street clothes and adds his own bits to it if he can do it and make a career out of it why not give it a go and as for the sewing machine - not sure if the same offers apply to the main land as they do here in northern ireland but lidl have a sewing machine on offer this week for i think £50 ish if thats any help
                      while i knit i think




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                        Right thats it. Forget craft fairs, Im going straight to the TV! Thanks for the tip on the sewing machine, i might flutter my eyelashes a bit at my boyfriend or dad.....
                        I like to make things - usually a mess!
                        Please look at my stuff and let me know what you think!


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                          Free Printable Crafts

                          Usually I like very simple clothes but sometimes when I see other people wearing clothes embedded with craft work I do find them interesting.


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                            There are LOADS of people buying ready made rompers tshirt etc and sewing motifs or applique onto them and making a fair few sales I dont see how this is any different. I say go for it I love anything that sets me apart from the crowd - but in a good way of course!

                            Karen x
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                              I may have an answer for you! This is just the thing I am promoting on my website!!!! I think we should all be doing this. Unusual one off designer clothes are so expensive to buy we need someone like you to show others how it's done. If you are interested in this, let me know at [email protected] My website goes live early August and of course you will take all the credit!!!