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  • pattern making??

    hello i was just wondering if anyone knows of where i can find a course on how to design my own clothing patterns??? i know you can buy patterns of clothing but i would like to actually make up my own pattern but dont know where to start so thought i would see if i could get on a course ?? thanks guys

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    I did a course years and years ago with ICS incorporating fashion, not sure if they still do this or not may be worth a look.


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      I went to the pattern cutting classes at Morley College (next to Lambeth North tube). It's more technical than creative, but you probably need to start with something like this before you move onto 'designing'.
      They teach you to make a basic close-fitting skirt, trouser and bodice pattern (called 'blocks') which fit you really well and which you can then adapt to make different styles. The course is always oversubscribed though. London College of Fashion also do courses but they are more expensive.


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        Originally posted by Caroleecrafts View Post
        I did a course years and years ago with ICS incorporating fashion, not sure if they still do this or not may be worth a look.
        I have been thinking about doing an ICS fasion course to learn more about designing and making clothes-was it a big help??

        Freja xx



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          Yes it was and always helps to get other suggestions how to do something.


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            This site has lots of good info on sewing and patterns.
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              I haven't done a course (it's on my list!!) but I have a couple of books on pattern making.

              'make your own patterns' by Rene Bergh and I've got one by Betty Foster but I can't find it right now. Both are good, I've used the Rene Burgh one to make a pattern but haven't had the time to use the Betty Foster one yet. (Fat chance now if I've lost it!) I found that it gave me more confidence to alter patterns I already had.

              Hope that's a help!




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                Just a thought but if you check your local art college they might be willing on having you on there pattern cutting lectures? When i was at uni we only had certain days we did it but it would prob be worth getting in touch x
                Dee x
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                  thank you sooo much for all your replys and help on the matter.... i will be looking into your surgestions and seeing what i can come up with :P