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  • Advice urgently needed!!!!

    Well- I have finally reached breaking point!!!!

    I am trying to make a band or "belt" (piccy in my album) from cotton jersey.It is to hold a wheat bag in place. It needs to be stretchy to tie around the waist and stay in place- cotton jersey seems to be the best at doing this.

    However- I just can't work with the stuff!!! I have followed lots of advice from the forum regarding the best tools to use, how to sew it etc. and I am soooooo grateful for all this wonderful advice.

    When i have cut out my pieces- I just can't stop it curling up!!! So it is taking me ages to get it to a point where I can start sewing it- I have just given up!!!

    Am seriously considering just abandoning it all- but I so desperatley want this product to come to fruition as it is something I have been passionate about in my line of work as a midwife.

    Does anyone have any ideas/tips for me..?????

    Thanks for looking


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    Jersey does tend to roll up after cutting. One suggestion I have is to cut a larger seam allowance than you want, then stitch at the correct size, then trim.

    The only other way is iron on interfacing, iron onto the wrong side before cutting, then cut out and stitch, this would give the jersey more stability.


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      Hi There,

      I agree with Caroline, interfacing might be the best way to go.

      Please persevere with the project! I used a couple of wheat bags during my first labour (which was a back to back) and found that it really helped take the edge off the spine crushing!!!

      I am also wondering if fleece or even a faux fur might work? They will still have the stretch of a knit/ jersey type fabric but be a bit more stable.

      I also used a "hottie" microwaveable hot water bottle and I noticed on their website that they do a back-wrap ... water (you'll need to remove the spaces as the forum filters won't let me post the proper url) But this might give you some food for thought?

      Good Luck

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        I would overlock this, but even without, I think I would do it as a tube:

        - Make a fold in the material slightly wider than you want the finished piece to be.
        - stitch (zigzag/stretch) the full length - in a gentle curve to give you the right shape. Try not to stretch the edge as you sew - a basting stitch can be helpful for this.
        - cut outside the stitched edge
        - turn inside out and finish the open ends.

        Then do the same with a smaller piece for the holder, and just join the two in the middle.

        This would solve the curling problem if nothing else.

        My only slight reservation is where will the knot end up when it's tied? Might soft velcro be an alternative?


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          sorry if this has been suggested, but iron on hot seems to help loads xx

          try a free graze box use code 5THR7LB


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            Thankyou all so, so much for your suggestions.

            Alsion- it is especially for back to back labours that this project came to me!!!

            I have found a local seamstress who has taken on the job for me at a very reasonable price!!!! I am soooooo happy

            I shan't be giving up- this all means too much to me.

            Watch this space.........



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              I am glad you've found a solution to your problem.

              If you need a tester, my second is due in 8 weeks!! Although I am hoping that it won't be the same as last time - I have been much more active this time around with a 1 year old to keep me busy.

              Good Luck and Best Regards


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                Oh- good luck!! I shall add you to my list of contacts and if i get them ready in time i shall send you one if i could use a testamonial from you for my website!!!

                The lady doing my sewing is due in 7 weeks!!! so she is going to test drive one for me too!!! i already use my prototype constantly especially after a hard day delivering babies!!! or a during a long crafting session!!!
                If only I could do all my crafting in the comfort of my reclining sofa!!!