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  • Fabric stores in London

    Hi, c an somebody recommend a good store in London where I could buy fabrics. I sew pretty much just normal clothes for myself like skirts, trousers etc. Thank you for your help in advance!

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    Fabricland is really cheap

    33 Old London Rd, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, KT2 6ND‎ - 020 85494325‎
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      My friend swears by the Goldhawk Road. You just wander up and down the road breezing into shop after shop. It's a bit of an all day thing and a bit exhausing
      She does theatrical stuff. I do historical costumes. There's ordinary, ethnic and weird. We are both bargain hunters and it's a piece of fabric heaven.


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        Berwick Street in Soho, W1 is the place to go for fabric, there's Boroviks, Berwick Street Cloth Shop and the Cloth Store, plus other places for sewing supplies.

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          If you are wandering around Soho there's John Lewis in Oxford Street, then if you cross the road and wander around the back streets there's a couple of silk shops and Maculloch and Wallis for trimmings.
          For proper spellings and addresses have a look on in the Costume section where we've made a list of favourite fabric shops.


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            Roman Road market was always the BEST place... don't know if it still is.

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              Thank you all, I'm sure I can find something nice from those places!


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                As you are in south east London, you should definitely go to Rolls and Rems on Lewisham High St.

                If you come to Brixton, there is a shop called Simply Fabrics on Altantic Rd which is worth a visit.

                I've been told Deptford market is good for cheap fabric, but I think I must have been there on the wrong day, because I couldn't find anything!


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                  Oh, more lovely shops! Thank you very much!


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                    Originally posted by cupcake View Post
                    Berwick Street in Soho, W1 is the place to go for fabric, there's Boroviks, Berwick Street Cloth Shop and the Cloth Store, plus other places for sewing supplies.

                    I work in fashion and Soho is a great place to go for fabrics trust me.

                    I have alot of friends who go to LCF and they all go around Soho to look around - theirs so much to look at even just the stalls around the street.

                    Another good cheap option is a place called southall in middlesex. Its 5 minutes from Ealing.

                    Happy fabric hunting!!!!!!!!!!

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                      As previously mentioned, Berwick street is awesome, try shepards bush area too, Goldhawk road is fab!x
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                        Berwick St in Soho, or John Lewis definitely good.

                        Rolls n'rems in Lewisham is good too, though I always get there early in the day otherwise the place gets really manic with long queues to get your fabric cut and to pay, which drives me mad!!


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                          I've noticed some people saying berwick st. Yes its great for inspiration and I have got fabric there for special things but it can be quite expensive as you're paying central London prices. Same with m+w. Goldhawk road I've always found to be reasonable and they're always up for a haggle if you're buying a few metres.


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                            I resort to Berwick Street when I can't find what I want from my fabric selling friend, his rival, my not so local shops, then the Goldhawk Road.
                            Funnily enough there is a shop selling ends of rolls, that although 3 times the price of my friend and his rival, did compare favouritely, ie the same price, as the Goldhawk Road last time I went (a month ago).
                            As I am often looking for linen I was pleasantly surprised that the linen shop had grown and had some really quality stuff at reasonable (London) prices.

                            I heard a rumour at the weekend that they were going to demolish Sheperd Bush Market. What's that about? It would be a disaster!


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                              Try Fabrics Galore on Lavender Hill... simply fantastic quality at very reasonable prices, discovere them at Kniiting and Stitching at Ally Pally.

                              Agree with the comments about Berwick St, shop in the West End and you pay West End prices! Am still gobsmacked at finding cotton ticking at over three times the price I paid in McCulloch and Wallis...