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Hiya does anyone knw where i can get a corset made cheaply plzz?

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  • Hiya does anyone knw where i can get a corset made cheaply plzz?

    Hello i am in scotland looking for a corset something diffrent but a long line one seen one i love on ebay but its £70 and dont really wanna spend that much its for my 1st wedding anniversary any help or advice much appreciated thanks wendy.xx

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    anyone plz??


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      Difficult request on a craft forum Wendy.


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        Originally posted by Peter View Post
        Difficult request on a craft forum Wendy.
        just thought sumone in the clothes section may want a challenge lol...
        an dyou go brian pmsl


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          Unfortunately there is no such thing as a cheap corset and the prices you mentioned earlier were very good.


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            Perhaps you could buy a plain cheap one and add the embelishments yourself?


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              Put corsets in to ebay and see what you get! What about Ann Summers?





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                Hi, I make corsets and I'm in Scotland. However £70 is very, very cheap for a corset. The cost of the materials alone is quite substantial and they're time consuming to make. If you really liked the Ebay one then I'd nab that at that price or else look for a high street bustier that's in your price range.
                Sorry I can't be of more help.


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                  I bought a sort of corset type thing in a La Senza sale last year, it doesn't have the bones (or whatever they are called) in but it laces up at the back, it's quite long though, as opposed to most corsets which are too short for me (long bodied freak)

                  I think it is supposed to be underwear, but I wear it to go out in.


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                    I hope this would help you find the things you're looking for. Good day!


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                      My wife has a lot of corsets. Unfortunately, £70 won't buy you a proper one new any more! You may be able to get soft-boned corset-shaped lingerie for less, we have a few things like that.

                      For those who find this thread and may want to know more about buying corsets, I'll put a couple of recommended places here:

                      We've had five from who are friendly, great support and proper corsets, as long as you know what you're buying! Their busted corsets were based on B-cup (I won't say 'are' because they may well have changed). If you go for one from here, think nothing of sending them back until they're right: they were the least intimidating mail-order thing I've done!

                      We had another four custom-made by Velda Lauder in London: she was efficient, helpful and enthusiastic and, when we found her, just starting out and consequently very reasonably priced! Her corsets are indestructable and very flattering.

                      The main thing to check out when buying one is that it doesn't twist when you tighten it (don't tighten it right up until you've worn it for about 48 hours) and that the bones don't stick into you anywhere (try sitting down and bending down and sideways). The front bottom part can sometimes stick out on certain patterns.

                      If anyone wants to know more about buying or wearing corsets, tight-lacing or health/safety, feel free to PM me: it's one of those subject where much of the info on the web is misleading or just plain wrong!
                      If I ever make anything good enough to sell, I'll want to keep it!



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                        It's probably too late but try the Sewing forum there are sewers who make them.
                        I'm on my second one, making that is. Ilove making them, complex enough to keep you interested in them and simple enough to get creative with embellishing!
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                        My rambellings and how to makes.
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                          Whilst I totally agree with everyone about that being a wonderful price for a custom corset, it totally depends on what you want from a corset.

                          If you want a corset that you can tight lace and that can offer you a good level of sillhouette adjustment, then you should expect to pay a higher range than £70 for it.

                          If you are wanting a corset that is more a fashion garment then you should be able to pick up something that looks the part for a reasonable price.

                          I also make corsets both fashion ones and "proper" ones and find that with eBay and the like offering such low prices, for what can be (although not always) very goo uality garments, that it is becoming an increasingly difficult market.

                          Best of lkuck finding something that you like within your price range, I am sure that there is something available


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                            £70 is incredibly cheap for a corset!!!!
                            A proper steel boned corset should be around £200 at the very least, a custom made one £300+

                            alternatively you could come on my corset making course and learn how to create your own!!! check out my website bridal-originals.for details...


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                              Hi, I just bought one from here:
                              They seem quite cheap and the feedback is excellent...I'll let you know how mine turns out :-)

                              Find what you want to do and then do it with all your heart.