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don't know if anyone can help

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  • don't know if anyone can help

    I am in the process of making cards for people with visual impairments I have someone who is willing to help us promote them
    I need to have lots of different textures on them and was wondering if any of you had any offcuts of any suitable materials that I could purchase from you
    I don't want to have to go out and buy a big quantity of the same material as I'd like a variety so thought this might be the place to ask ???

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    What a good idea! Can't help with materials (but I'll have a think!)
    But have you thought about braille messages? Or scented paper?
    Cathy xx
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      even if you haven't got any materials any ideas would be greatly received
      the person I've got on board to help me promote them is also blind and has very kindly sent us a braille labeller which can add any message to a card which is fantastic
      he is also going to have a think and send me some ideas of what he'd like on a card
      he is advertising us on his website and has four or five groups of visually impaired people that he visits on a monthly basis he is the chairman so I'm going to send him some samples for him to take round
      he also has a contact for those things you put in a card and you can record a message
      bought some small bells to put on cards but hadn't thought of smell ( great idea )


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        Felt may work well?

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          Charity shops and jumble sales?

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            What kind of thing are you thinking off? cotton fabrics, velvets, flannel (brushed cotton), fleece type fabrics ? or textured papers or ....?



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              pipe cleaners bent in to letters or shapes, Funky foam can be bought in a variety of shapes and letters. look in scrapbooking sections of craft shops for lts of 3d embelishments.
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                My eldest daughter is severly visually impaired we have over the years used decoupage, cut out shapes and letters, different materal even used real sand to make a sea side picture with decoupaged people and sea gulls and scrunched thin plastic for the waves, different cloth course smooth fluffy etc, beads and charms in fact over the years I dont think there is a great deal of things we have not stuck to a card for her.

                If you want to get in touch to pick over some ideas we have come up with I will be happy to help
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                  brilliant ideas !!
                  hadn't thought of pipe cleaners or sand !!
                  was going to try those liquid beads as well
                  regarding fabric anything with a textue I think would be good


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                    I don't think the fabrics I use would be suitable for you as most of mine are smooth. I have some glittery buttons (mushrooms, flowers) I could send you.

                    Have a look at my site and see if anything grabs you. You could PM me and I could send you any offcuts. I could also send you details of some fabric suppliers I use. Do you have a Hobby Crafts shop near you? They supply absolutely everything on creative hobbies so it might be useful for ideas. They've recently opened one round the corner from me and it has become my second home!

                    Well done with the project, it's such a great idea.
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                      I have made textured books before for children. Anything that has texture or a different feel to it is great - cut up sponges, flannels, beads, cellophane, mesh netting, felt, fur, pom poms, dried fruit, bubblewrap, brown paper, rubber, off cut of carpet, rice/pasta, you name it, find a way to stick it on and anything will work.
                      Bright colours are good too!
                      Sand and funky foam were mentioned too! They'd be really good on a card, shells as well.
                      I have also made treasure boxes, where you get a wicker basket and fill it with natural materials, wooden spoons, potatoes (these will have to be replaced) stones, wool, silk, something scented maybe pot pourri etc. These are good for developing childrens senses.

                      Wilkinsons sometimes have those childrens craft kits which would be full of different materials, and they aren't expensive.
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                        Originally posted by Recycled Bag Lady View Post
                        What a good idea! Can't help with materials (but I'll have a think!)
                        But have you thought about braille messages? Or scented paper?
                        It's really easy to make scented paper....
                        You need to us a thickish paper, mix about 50mls of water with about 10 drops of esstential oils (but some oils are stronger than others so this may vary) shake them up in a fine mist sprayer and just give the paper a quick spritz!

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                          Where about are you?
                          I could post you some of my odd fabric that i use to make bears with.. they mostly fur for teddies.. but I am sure you might find some use?
                          PM me if you interested
                          Crystal Rose x

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                            I've got various beads, cord and even wheat, if you're interested just pm me with your address & I'll send an assortment of stuff (no charge )

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                              Ive got some brushed cotton, some crinkly (noisy) stuff and scraps of fleece if you would like them ill post out