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  • Latest project :D

    Thought I would share - this is the latest thing to appear out of hte sewing room. 3 days of scratching my head as I have never done tailored sleeves and stuff before. Am really happy with it though and shall be wearing it lots

    Supposed to be made in wool but I don't like wool so used a nice medium denim and lined it with designer fabric

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    That's brilliant!!! Can you reverse it?? Show that gorgeous lining off!!! Sue xx


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      Thanks Susie I wish it could be reversed thinking abotu it now lol

      The fabric in the lining totally screams "dress" to me though so I am gong to try to locate some more as it was imported from the States.

      Alexander Henry fabric is my favourite though and I have to add a little of his fabric to every project I do - it is kind of my signature I suppose


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        I love that so much
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          That looks really great. Very professional, the lining is wonderful and I love the purple and black dress in the background.



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            I love it when jackets have fancy linings, it's like a little secret. I have a plain black suit with a crazy purple and yellow lining..... makes me smile thinking about it when I am dressed all plain.

            Also love the dress in the background


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              Thanks everyone

              I adore funky linings too - makes everything so much more colourful and fun!

              The purple and black dress was something I made for fun, sold it to a client for a special event but she fell sick last minute so I gave her a refund and kept it!

              May put it back up for sale eventually though


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                I love the lining, it's so unexpected!! You'll have to flash to people now! (Not literally!!) It's a really nice jacket. What sort of buttons are you going to use?





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                  I saw the first couple of piccies and thought that's neat and then I went 'wow' to the next ones, really a surprise, excellent. Wouldn't mind one in black or white too! Talking about linings, my mum's family are Portuguese/Welsh and at my uncle's funeral our cousin wore a suit lined with the national flags of these countries, like you said, he flashed every now and again too!!!
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                    Thanks DEbbie, Netty

                    I am using a slate effect button for the jacket - 3 on each cuff and then 8 on the front - kind of double breasted but only 4 functioning.

                    I wore it this morning to go the shop and got some odd looks when the lining went on display hehe


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                      Like Nettie, when I saw the finished jacket my brain went 'Wow'. It was a terrific jacket without the lining but the lining is fantastic too and gives it another dimension. Well done. You will certainly catch a few eyes wearing that.
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                        Hey Up Em!

                        Another fantastic creation hot of the press! The jacket looks great and you`ve given me an idea!

                        I bought some fabric last year that was woven to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Marc Bolan`s death. It has T-rex and Bolan images all over it so I think I will use it as a lining. It`s a bit too busy for me as a garment.


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                          heya hunny

                          Thanks everyone for the lovely comments I wore this out yesterday and got a good few queries about where I bought it. We went to a market and I tried to buy a sewing machine - when I explained to thel lady who knew nothing about sewing that I only began a year ago and that I had just made the coat, she nearly didn't sell me the machine!!!!!

                          The Bolan fabric sounds gorgeous too hun - picssss xx


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                            It is a really nice jacket!! Love fancy linings



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                              That's fantastic. You are very talented!!

                              Blooming excellent!!!

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