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  • Help! I'm rubbish!

    I have lots of beautiful fabric and a fab sewing machine- but a real problem with following patterns.
    I never seem to be able to draw around them with my tailors chalk crisply, they come out wonky sizes and the seam allowances are all wrong

    Am I being really stupid? Does anyone have any tips for this? I have some amazing Amy Butler fabric that I;m itching to make into a bag but I'm too scared incase a I ruin it!

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    I hardly ever sew these days but when I did I would pin the pattern to the fabric and then cut around the pattern - sharp scissors are essential too. Hope this helps
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      Sharp scissors are a must I think. And a lot of patience (I HATE cutting out!). I just got a fine marking pen from Clover & I like it a lot - it's thinner & less hard to manage than chalk.

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        Help I'm rubbish

        I agree with all the advice given. Another couple of tips - make sure your fabric is crease free if not iron it and have space round the table so you can walk round to cut out from all angles.
        I'm sure it will look perfect.
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          I reckon I spend longer on the cutting out than I do on the sewing up! I recently spent three nights cutting out material for a ball gown - I went v-e-e-e-r-y slowly - was so glad I had spent the time though!

          And agree - I pin on the pattern then cut round it, never use chalk. To my mind it just adds an extra degree of uncertainty!
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            I always pin the pattern to the fabric too - and I read somewhere that you should iron the creases out of it beforehand - but I never have - probably wories I'd burn the paper!!

            Take it slowly and I'm sure you'll be fine
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              I sometimes will spend more or the same amount of time cutting and preping fabric than actually making up a garment!

              Always pre wash and iron your fabric

              Straighten the edges before you cut out

              Make sure you follow grain directional lines, fold lines and all other directions such as tailor tacks, notches etc

              I use pins, sometimes weights and sometimes tape to attach pattern pieces to fabric.

              Sharp shears are a must

              You might feel as though it`s chore ( I do!) but it`s worth it in the end!

              Good Luck and I`m sure you be fine!!!