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Finally enough posts to show you.....

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  • Finally enough posts to show you.....

    Some of my work so far......

    Some partially done, some complete - mixed bag really lol

    Hope you like

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    wow they are brilliant you are very talented
    Jan xx


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      Are these made from patterns? There realy nice!
      I like to make things - usually a mess!
      Please look at my stuff and let me know what you think!


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        I love the corset, it is absolutely beautiful!

        Good work


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          Lovely work, nice to see some of them as a work in progress.

          What are you going to do with them once they're finished?


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            WOW i love the white one!!!


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              Back again!

              Hi Brittone05,

              Me again. I’ve finally caught up with some of your work and I would look at photographing it this way.

              You can buy half width rolls of white background paper (there are other colours some with and some without patterning). Hang this on a wall and have some coming over the floor so that the mannequin is stood on it with sufficient background running to the front so that the mannequin is stood well back. You don’t have to use paper you could use any white (or other colour) material that you chose. You seem to be quite adept at using the camera so I won’t run to deep into this, but try and use the camera with a lens set at around f11 (or the minimum aperture you can’t arrange (f8-f11).

              If you are going to use flash with the camera then use it in manual mode and adjust as required, the white background will play havoc with the autoexposure. Stand well back to or at least as far back as you can get to let the flash light spread evenly, if you stand to close you will get a ‘hot spot’. Stand well back and use the lens adjustments to frame the image.

              Just walk round or turn the mannequin to give you the angles you need to capture the form, shape and detail. This will give you the basis to rework your images in photoshop. You should be able to cut out the background completely, this will take a little work but will give the image more depth.

              What you should end up with is the object displayed in free space with no other clutter to remove the viewers attention from it.

              Give this a try and get back to me with the results, then we can take it to the next stage.


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                Thanks ever so much everyone

                The red corset will go up for sale as will the mauve and black gown. The white gown is actually only a mock up of what will eventually be an ivory duchess satin gown with muted gold lacing to the corset back. That is for a client.

                The red gown, once finished, is for myself to wear when my husband and I renew our wedding vows next year

                Thanks alao Ian - I do have some large rolls of various fabrics which I can hang to create a good background space. I am unsure if I can get far enough away from the actual mannequin to get a good angle on the shot but shall see what I can do this weekend I have got photoshop so can cut and remove the backgrounds etc also so will post up pics of the finished results for your opinion and advice


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                  Your so talented!!
                  Im currently trying to work out how I can get a pattern for me that actually fits so I can make an outfit for a wedding Im going to.Its not go ing well.


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                    Thanks Seahorse

                    What pattern are you making up or do you fancy making up?

                    The main thing to remember is not to buy a pattern in your normal ready to wear size. Measure yourself first and cross reference your measurements to the pattern envelope. I am a ready to wear size 12-14, pattern sizes can vary for me up to an 18!

                    Am happy to help out if you need it though


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                      What gorgeous frocks !! And totally love the corset ! It is lovely to see pics of handmade clothes on the forum


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                        Absolutely stunning........thanks for sharing the photos with us.


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                          Seahorse, are you already in the middle of your outfit or are you just about to start? If the latter, choos a dress or blouse pattern by your high bust measurement - that its, measure across the shoullders and above the bust. This ensures a much better fit across the neck and shoulders. You can alter for the bust, if necessary, later.
                          Skirts and trouser patterns are bought according to your hip measurement.
                          Have you any idea what you want to make?


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                            OMG - that corset is drawdroppingly gorgeous....
                            I can't sew for toffee (but I hammer, twist & melt metals OK, lol)
                            Your designs are so elegant...

                            This forum ROCKS!!! Ain't it grand that you can admire so many
                            talented people in one place?

                            Thanks for sharing the photos with us brittone05

                            Nic xx
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                              wow the corset is gorrgggggeous and i have a corset collection so i know corsets hehe.